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النشرة الإخبارية walk-in high and low temperature humidity test room


High and low temperature walk-in humidity test room can provide customers with an artificial simulation environment to test, detect and test electronic and electrical components, spare parts or related industries' test departments, and provide a basis for the test data Accuracy and consistency (repeatable) provide conditions for security. The device has simple operating performance and reliable device performance, advanced and convenient operating meter, temperature and humidity controller, imported advanced Chinese liquid crystal display touch screen, and can make various complicated program settings. Dialogue mode, simple and fast operation. It can realize the automatic operation of the refrigerator, largely realize automation, reduce the operator's working time, and automatically start, stop, switch at any timen and keep constant. The work of each system (fan, cooling and dehumidification, humidification, heating) is controlled through the touch screen Centralized control of the machine interface. The transport and space-saving overall assembly is carried out by the customer, the error elimination and acceptance on site is carried out by the customer in order to ensure the performance of the customer; the degree of structural integration is high, and the assembly and debugging time on the customer side is short; scientific air circulation design, ensure the even distribution of indoor temperature and humidity, and avoid dead corners; full safety protections avoid potential safety hazards and ensure the long-term reliability of the equipment; each of QINSUN's equipment is customized according to customers' requirements to ensure the equipment's high efficiency, practical and energy-saving.

Main service:

The temperature testerest range can be selected: A: 0℃~150℃; B: -20℃~150℃; C: -40℃~150℃ ; D: -70℃~150℃

Humidity test industry standard range: 20~98%RH

Variation/Consistency ≤±0.5℃/±2℃, ±2.5%RH / +2~3% RH

Cooling time 20℃~-20℃ about 35 min 20℃~-40℃ about 55 min 20℃~-70℃ about 80 min

Heating time - 20℃~100℃ for about 35min 20℃~100℃ for about 35min 20℃~100℃ for about 35min

Cooling system

1 . System concept: This type of experiment box adopts the temperature of industrial balance technology (cooling without heating), through energy regulation technology, there is no need to start heating to balance the temperature control during cooling and low-temperature balancing. Energy regulation technology, d. H. PID control to regulate the refrigerant flow by adjusting the mass of refrigerant entering the evaporator per unit time to achieve precise control of the cooling capacity and thereby precisely control the temperature of the laboratoryyours

2. Refrigerant: The environmentally friendly refrigerant R404a is used.

3. Refrigeration hardware: The "Taikang" hermetic compressor is used to form a refrigeration cycle system.

4. Refrigeration evaporator: Using a corrugated-fin refrigeration evaporator, located at one end of the test chamberIn the intermediate layer of the air duct, the

Ventilation forced by the fan motor to a rapid heat exchange.

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