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High and low temperature aging test machine


The high and low temperature aging test machine uses artificial technology to simulate the high and low temperature in different climates and different temperatures in the real environment to test the aging resistance of industrial products.

Technical features:

1. Intelligent automatic energy adjustment technology, hierarchical cooling capacity control, and the selection of high-efficiency French Taikang compressors have obvious energy-saving effects.

2. Mature control technology, dynamic PID + balanced temperature control, temperature fluctuation is extremely small.

3. Friendly man-machine interface, set and display temperature value directly.

4. Large-capacity preset programs, users can freely write application programs.


5.Scheduled startup and timing shutdown ffunctions ensure the temperature of the equipment humidity accuracy.

6. Perfect data protection device, suitable for long-term continuous work.

7. Rich and colorful program settings can do any form of complex experiments.

8. The sensor segment correction function ensures the temperature accuracy of the device.

9. Lock function to prevent manual changes to the set parameters.

10. With the program waiting function, the timer will not start until the temperature and humidity reach the set range to ensure the reliability of the test.

11. Temperature slope control function, the temperature rise and fall rate can be controlled.

12. Chinese and English user interface is optional.

13. Software temperature protection function when the measured temperature exceeds a certain value of the set temperatures, the heating and addition circuit is switched off.

14. Error display function: When the device breaks down, it will display the error code, convenient for finding and processing the error point quickly.

Technical parameters:

1) Volume: 80L; 150L; 225L; 408L; 800L; 1000L are optional.

2) The temperature ranges are: 0°C~150°C, -20°C~150°C, -40°C~150°C, -60°C~150°C, - 70 °C ~ 150 °C are optional.

3) Humidity range: 20%RH~98%RH

4) Temperature and humidity deviation: ±0.3℃, ±2%RH

5 ) Temperature humidity difference: ±2°C, ±3% RH

6) Heating rate: 2°C/min

7) Cooling rate: 0.5~1.2°C/ min

8) Humidity: +1.5% RH/-3% RH

9) Refrigerant: R23/R404A

10) Volume: 80 internal dimensions : (W×H×D)=400mm×500mm×400mm

150 internal dimensions: (W×H×D)=500mm×600mm×600mm

 225 internal dimensions: ( W×H×D)=500mm×750mm×600mm

408 internal dimensions: (W×H×D)=500mm×750mm×600mm

800 internal dimensions: (W×H× T)=1000mm×1000mm×800mm

1000 Inside dimensions: (W×H×D)=1000mm×1000mm×1000mm

11) Outside size: subject to actual size

12) High and low temperature aging tester power supply: AC1∮3, 220V, 50Hz for power supply under 150L; AC3∮5, 380V, 50Hz for power supply Supply over 225L.

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