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النشرة الإخبارية UV UV aging test chamber


UV-Ultraviolet Aging Test Chamber adopts fluorescent UV lamps as the light source (there are different types of lamp sources such as UVA and UVB), and accelerates the weather resistance of rubber or rubber products by simulating UV, water spray and condensation in natural sunlight aging test for obtaining the result report on the weather resistance of rubber materials. UVA-340 simulates Sunshine Ultraviolet Selection (Photoaging) UVA-340 (315-400 nm); UVA-340 can well simulate the sunlight spectrum in the critical short-wave wavelength range, that is, the spectrum with a wavelength range of 295 to 360 nm. UVA-340 produces only a spectrum of UV wavelengths found in sunlight. Its radiation peak is at 340nm. UVB-313 is used for accelerated testing (artificially accelerated aging) UVB-313 (280-315 nm); UVB-313 can provide test results quickly. The shortwave UV they use ismore intense than the UV light waves commonly found on the earth's surface today. Although these UV lights are much shorter than natural wavelengths, they can speed up the experiment. Its radiation peak is at 313nm.

1. Selection

LQ-UV1 is a single-function UV aging test box, there is only a single UV light function

LQ-UV3-A is a three-function UV aging test box, the three Functions has: light + condensation + spray, as the test box simulates the outdoor environment, and the outdoor environment has sunlight, rainy days and wet and dewy weather. The three functions are to simulate a variety of weather and climate conditions. For example, UV light is designed to simulate the ultraviolet rays of sunlight, spray is designed to simulate rainy weather, and condensation is designed to simulate humidification, which creates high humidity and dewdrops.



LQ-UV3 -B , this one also has three functions, but the specifications are different from the standard slicing. Thissuitable for placing products of non-standard sizes and irregular sizes that cannot be sliced.The function is the same as that of LQ-UV3-A, just put the products in. The place is different, and it takes the style of the tray frame, suitable for irregular products.

Second, technical parameters

LQ-UV1 inner box size: 1140×400×350mm

LQ- UV3-A inner box size: 1165×450×500mm

LQ-UV3-B inner box size: 1140×690×640mm

Temperature range: RT +10℃~70℃

Temperature uniformity: ±2℃

Temperature fluctuation: ±0.5℃

Center distance within the lamp tube: 70mm

Distance between the test object and the center of the lamp tube: 55 mm

Ultraviolet wavelength: UVA range is 200 -400nm

Test time:0~999H (adjustable)

Temperature control method: PID self-adjusting SSR control

Inner box material: heat-resistant and cold-resistant imported zinc plate

Outer box material: high-quality steel sheet baking paint< /p>

Standard sample holder: one

Controller: 7" touch controller

Radiation lamp: American QS-labUVA-340 or UVB313, quantity 4 or 8. ℃;

2. Humidity: ≤85%;

3. The operating environment must be at room temperature below 28 degrees and well ventilated;

4. Installing the machine Do not place objects 60cm from the front, rear, left and right removed on.

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