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النشرة الإخبارية UV test chamber


Ultraviolet light test chamber can choose: UVB-313 lamp tube: The short-wavelength ultraviolet light emitted by the UVB-313 lamp tube is stronger than the sun's ultraviolet rays normally irradiate the earth's surface, so that they can greatly accelerate material aging. However, the tube can cause impractical damage to certain materials. UVB-313 lamps are mainly used for quality control and R&D or materials with excellent weather resistance. Run the tests.

UVA-340 lamp tube: The UVA-340 lamp tube can well simulate the short-wavelength ultraviolet light in sunlight, ie the wavelength range from 365 nanometers to the sunlight limit value of 295 nanometers. This type of lamp tube is also a common lamp tube required by the standard. You can choose the appropriate lamp tube model according to your actual test needs aselect.

Features of the UV light test box:

1. The main controller of the test box is an intelligent digital display controller, and the operation of the humanized design is easy to learn and use.

2. The case and liner are made of high quality stainless steel, and the pattern frame is made of frame-like base frame liner and springs.

3. The input uses a digital correction system, built-in common thermal resistance, and the measurement is accurate and stable.

4. After the specified irradiation time, the sample surface is transferred to the unirradiated state of the simulated night, at which time the sample surface is still subject to heating by the saturated mixture of hot room air and water vapor, while the back of the test specimen being cooled by the air in the surrounding (condensation) space, resulting in condensation on the test surface. Parameters:

Studio size: 1140×690×640 (width×depth×height) mm

External dimensions: 1300×550×1380 (width×depth×height) mm

Temperature range: RT+10℃ ~80℃

Sample size: 75×150 (mm)

Number of samples: 28

Center distance of lamp tube: 70mm

Distance between sample and lamp tube: approx. 50mm

Wavelength: 290nm~400nmUV-A, UV-B, UV-C (specify when ordering)

Light source: UVA340/ UVB313 (Lamp optional, default UVB313)

Lamp power: 60W

Humidity range: 90%~98%

Tank requirements: Water depth not greater than 25 mm


Added condensation method:

The condensation method is a good method to detect moisture erosion in the to simulate outdoors and it has many uses. All QINSUN plastics with three functions UV aging test All box models can go through a condensation cycle.

In many outdoor environments, plastics can last up to 12 hours abe wet during the day. Studies have shown that dew, not rain, is the main cause of this QINSUN Plastic UV Aging Test Chamber simulates outdoor moisture erosion through the condensation function. In the condensation cycle, water vapor is generated by heating the water pan at the bottom of the testing machine. The hot water vapor maintains the relative humidity of the test chamber at a higher temperature.

Safety protection device

1. Over-temperature protection inside the box: When the temperature inside the box exceeds 93℃±10%, the machine will automatically stop the power supply to the lamp and the heater, and cools in a balanced state.

2. Protective door interlock: when the lamp is on, once the door of the cabinet is opened, the machine will automatically cut off the power supply to the lamp and kick automatically enter a balanced state to cool down, so as not to harm the human bodychange. In case of injury, the safety door lock meets the safety requirements of IEC047-5-1.

3. Low water level alarm in the sink to prevent the heater from emptying. (The above are leakage, short circuit, over temperature, water shortage, over current protection/control power failure memory).

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