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Aging box for water-cooled xenon lamps


The water-cooled xenon lamp aging chamber/water-cooled xenon lamp aging test chamber manufactured by QINSUN is an important means of screening formulas to optimize product quality in the process of scientific research and production, and is also an important part of product factory inspection of application materials such as paint coatings, coatings products such as plastics, plastics, packaging products, aluminum-plastic panels, photochemical materials, pigments and dyes, textiles, electroplating, baking finishes, and automotive safety glass are all required accelerated weatherability tests. The main factors that cause product or material aging are sunlight and humid environment. The xenon lamp aging test chamber can simulate the hazards caused by full-spectrum sunlight, rain and dew. The xenon lamp tube is used to measure the effect of full-spectrum sunlightto simulate water and condensation simulate rain and dew, and the tested material is put in an alternating program of light and humidity at a certain temperature for testing, and it takes a few days or weeks to reproduce the weather that occurs for months or outdoors Even after years of damage, the data obtained from the Xenon Lamp Aging Test Chamber test can help select new materials, improve the quality of existing materials and evaluate how changes in formulation affect product durability.


Customers who purchase this device must meet QINSUN the following basic requirements:

1. Temperature and humidity requirements for the device is on?

2. What are the temperature and humidity requirements when the device is not powered on? The humidity of the devices in the standard box can reach 98% when theLight is not on and the humidity can only be within 80% when the light is on. If this standard can be met, no declaration is required.

3. Would you like to know the inner box size requirements of your products?



4. Should the radiation intensity be controlled manually or automatically?

5. How high is the irradiance per square meter when required (lighting on)? What we often do is that the irradiance is between 500 and 1000 W per square meter.

6. Does the xenon lamp tube need to be imported or imported from domestic?

7. For air-cooled products, please tell us the inner box size requirements.

Technical parameters:

Xenon lamp cooling system——QINSUN uses a new water-cooled xenon lamp cooling system, which has good cooling effect. Because water is a good heat transfer mediumt, The water-cooled xenon lamp can be operated at very high power to produce high irradiance.

Rotating pattern hanger - to improve the display and completeness of all patterns.

Efficient control system - an efficient and intelligent full-touch control system can handle complex custom programs and simple pre-programmed tests, and the user interface is simple

The symbols are clear and easy to understand; temperature , temperature and humidity can be programmed to change step by step to meet different testing needs of users.

Touch screen display control, Chinese and English user interface, multiple test monitoring modes (animation, numbers, diagrams), multi-segment operating mode programming, support online programming without interruption, easy to use, intuitive and clear.

Intelligent and user-friendlytzer-friendly operating system - intuitive LCD touch surface, comprehensive functions, several languages ​​selectable; Water purity indicator, input water quality monitoring; SmartLightMonitorTM to ensure the lamp is installed correctly.

1. Adopt a 4500w long-arc water-cooled xenon lamp, a high-efficiency electric energy of the first domestic point light source, a light energy conversion technology and an high transmittance filter system. With the same radiation energy, the power of the xenon lamp is lower, which makes the test box really energy-saving and environmentally friendly;

2. Optional 340nm, 420nm, 300-400nm, 280-800nm ​​band monitoring, digital adjustment of irradiance

3. The irradiance uses fiber optic technology to guide light, 16-bit AD sampling, processed by 32-bit CPU, digital adjustment, stepless AC frequency conversion adjustment of theXenon lamp, * to achieve closed-loop stability and automatic compensation,

4. The instrument uses standard lamp calibration, which can completely eliminate the aging attenuation of the irradiation detection system due to long-term testing;

5. Blackboard thermometer (BPT) and standard blackboard thermometer (BST) are recorded at the same station (equidistance) with the sample, which truly reflects the test status of the sample;

6. Intelligent cycle adjustment system, ultrasonic and PTC double humidification, circulating wind speed servo motor control, so that the temperature, humidity and panel temperature can be regulated in the test chamber, ensuring a stable output of test parameters for a long time;

7. The cooling water uses a internal circulation. Mixed with the high energy heat exchange system, it saves water to a greater extent;

8. The design of the super large verseuch chamber, the large drum-like sample hanging column and the exposure area reach 3500 cm2. (The sample holder can be customized);

9. All the sample holders can be timed separately, and different samples can be tested on the same machine, which is convenient for test supervision and reduces the operating time and separate timing can Protection against accidental power failure;

10. Our artificial weathering test equipment has a full range of types. In addition to xenon lamp aging test chambers, air-cooled and water-cooled xenon lamp aging test chambers, there are more test equipment, which can To serve everyone, you only need Dongguan Qinsun Testing Instrument Co.,Ltd. Call and we will provide you with manual service solutions and quotes.

Testing methods for materials:

1. Black standard temperature or black panel temperature: At der selection of the following two black standard temperatures for exposure tests, please note: 65"C + 3"C or 100 °Cground 3C

The above temperature is not necessarily the test temperature that must be chosen. Upon agreement between the parties, may other temperatures can also be chosen, but this should be stated in the test report. The temperature should be kept constant during the anhydrous period. If the thermometer does not reach the prescribed temperature, the highest temperature reached during the water-free period must be stated in the test report. Although the exposure device works alternately, the black standard thermometer measures continuously. If a black panel thermometer is used, the type of thermometer, its placement and the chosen operating temperature shall be stated in the test report.

2. Relative Humidity: The relative humidity used in the test should be agreed upon by the relevant parties, hencethe relative humidity measured in the test chamber is not necessarily equal to the relative humidity of the adjacent air surface of the sample.

3. Water Spray Cycle: The water spray cycle used in the test should be agreed by the relevant parties. It is better to choose the following water spray cycle. The anhydrous time between 102 MIN ± 0.5 MIN

4. Dark cycle: The conditions specified in test methods 1 and 3 are suitable for continuous light tests. A more complex cycle can be chosen for the dark cycle, for example a dark cycle with a higher relative temperature, in which the chamber temperature is increased and condensate forms. The special conditions of the dark cycle test shall be stated in the test report.

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