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النشرة الإخبارية small air-cooled xenon lamp aging test chamber


1. The small air-cooled xenon lamp aging test chamber/xenon lamp aging tester meets the standards: GB/T16422.3, 15422.1AATCCM16, ASTM-D4459

1. Model: LQ-XD -80 (wind -Cold type) (simulated solar radiation)

2. Power supply: AC 220V/50Hz, total power 6kW

3. Xenon lamp power: 1.8kW Lifespan: 1000 hours

4. Xenon lamp radiation intensity: (280-800NM) 550W-1200W/m2

5. Tripping power 3KW Operating voltage AC 220V Current 25±3A.

6. Test panel temperature: adjustable from 40°C to 100°C

7. Temperature uniformity: ≤3°C

8. Humidity range: 40%HR- 98%HR

9. Distance from arc center to sample: 200~400mm Effective exposure area 2400cm2

10. Studio size: 750×400×300㎜ (length, depth and height)

11. Lamp tube: 1 (Teeong)

12. Water spray system: the water spray time can be set to 999 minutes, and the stop spray time can be set to 999minutes

12. Outdoor model size: 900X900X1800MM

Structure and configuration:

1. Overall structure: composed of test box

2. Body material: stainless steel.

3. Body liner: stainless steel plate SUS304

4. Door: silicone rubber tight locking device.

5. Specimen rack: Made of stainless steel, adjustable specimen fixation position, standard punching and forming specimen

6. Control: Programmable touch screen control "Teelong Xenon Lamp Control System" .

7. Convection: long-axis motor

8. Device sequence control

9. Black panel thermometer BPT or black standard thermometer BST

10. Optical filter (light through the glass window) or optionally according to customer requirements (infrared filter must be calculated separately)

11. The irradiance meter is an intelligent irradiance sensor from Teelong: Wavelength: 400- 1000 NM


Main Features:

1. Ventilation and Cooling Device: The temperature, ventilation and cooling system of the test chamber is automatically controlled by the temperature controller

2. The control panel thermometer is used a wired transmission technology that effectively improves control accuracy.

3. Use optical fiber transmission to measure the radiation intensity of the xenon lamp to avoid the problem of temperature-related measurement error.

4. A black panel thermometer BPT or black standard thermometer BST is installed on the sample rack.

5. Device: In order to record the working time of each test, the device is installed on the control panel set. There is a timer that can control the device's time, and the device will shut down automatically when the timer ends.

6. Protection device: In order to make the xenon arc lamp work normally without damage, the xenon lamp will be automatically extinguished when the door is openedwill stop working and the whole machine will stop working.

Four, protection device:

1. Over-temperature protection

2. Leakage protection

3. Water shortage protection


Five, device usage conditions:

Voltage: 220V ± 10% V, 50 ± 1% Hz ( Xenon lamp lighting voltage: DV170 ± 10V) Power: 6KW

Internal circulation water: distilled water or clean water for humidification, precipitation, etc. (rainwater can be determined according to user requirements, but the system can contain strong acids and alkalis), cooling the xenon lamp with deionized water or distilled water that does not come into contact with metal.

Light irradiance refers to the ratio of light energy falling on the aircraft. The device must be able to control the light irradiation intensity to achieve the purpose of speeding up the test and reproducing the test resultsto reach. Changing the light exposure affects the rate of material degradation, while changing the light wavelength simultaneously affects the rate and type of material degradation.

Xenon gas can be generated by xenon lamp tubes and other devices, and the spray device in the box sprays water, and the temperature should be kept constant during the anhydrous period. If the thermometer does not reach the prescribed temperature, the temperature reached during the anhydrous period shall be stated in the test report The loading apparatus shall be measured continuously, even when operated in alternation If a black panel thermometer is used, the thermometer should be stated in the test report Art , placement and chosen operating temperature.

Software system:

1. Controller: The laboratory temperature controller uses a high-precision temperature controller. The controller has eA large-size LCD liquid crystal display touch screen, Chinese and English user interface, which can display the set test parameters, run time and heater working status, and has the function of automatic test operation and PID parameters themselves. voices.

2. Parameter setting: the control parameter setting adopts man-machine dialogue

3. The control system uses intelligent control software system, which can freely combine heating, humidification and cooling and others System working conditions to ensure precise control throughout the temperature control range;

4.Fault detection: The perfect fault detection function can effectively ensure the normal operation of the system, and facilitate the analysis and query of the cause of the system fault.



Data acquisition:
The system is made with a USB interfacepermitted, which can realize data export and processing functions.


Seven, structure introduction:

The air-cooled xenon lamp aging test chamber / xenon lamp aging tester is mainly divided into the main parts, heating, Humidification, cooling and dehumidification parts, control parts, air conditioning parts, security protections and other accessories;

The shell is machined with CNC machine tool from A3 steel plates and the surface of the shell is sprayed;

The inner tank is made of imported SUS304 stainless steel plate, the stirring system adopts long-axis fan motor and high and low temperature resistant stainless steel multi-blade impeller to achieve strong convection and vertical diffusion circulation;

This equipment is used for sample rack trays used. Very convenient, the tray is inclined at 10 degrees from the horizontal direction and can hold flat test pieces or tridiplace mensional space samples of different shapes and sizes;

And a fixed moving PU wheel is installed at the bottom of the machine, which can be easily placed. The machine moves;

A double-layer high-temperature-resistant sealing tape is used between the door and the box to ensure the airtightness of the test area; the non-reactive door handle is for easier operation.

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