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UV Accelerated Weathering Tester


This device can be used for experiments, experiments, research and development, oral quality testing and other purposes. There are also evaluations of color change, color change, cracking, gloss, embrittlement, blistering, oxidation, etc. of materials.Ultraviolet Accelerated Weathering Tester can be selected, which can effectively improve the formulations and improve the Product performance and provide advanced. This test equipment can simulate the risk of fading caused by UV rays, rain and dew, using US-imported UV fluorescent ultraviolet lamp to simulate the effect of sunlight, use condensed gas to simulate rain and dew, as well as light and Humidity of the tested material at a certain temperature Tests are carried out in cyclic alternating programs.

Main technical indicators:

1. Condensation temperature control rangeCycle: 40~60℃;

2. Lighting cycle temperature control range: RT+10℃ ~70℃;

3. Temperature uniformity: ±3℃

4 .Condensation: vapor condensation

5. Lighting/condensation cycle: 0~9999 hours can be set (e.g. 4H/4H or 8H/4H)

6. The center distance of the Lamp tube: 70mm

7. The plane distance between the test object and the lamp tube: 55mm

8. UV lamp: UV-A340

9. UV Wavelength: UVA315~400nm or UVBUVA280~340nm

10. Irradiation Intensity: 0.1-1W/m2 at 340nm adjustable

11. Lamp Life: 1600 -1800h

12. Spray cycle: 0-9999 minutes (adjustable)

13. Standard test piece: 75mm*140mm or customized (can test 48 samples)

14. Control system: programmable system, programmable 7-inch true color touch screen controller in Taiwan, China (QTEST), Chinese user interface, easy to operate.

15. Power supply: AC220V 50HZ 4.7KW

Structure and Material:

1. Studio Size: 450×1165×500㎜ (Depth×Width×Height)

2. Dimensions: 500×1300 ×1400㎜ (Depth×Width×Height)

3. Lining Material


4. Shell material: High quality stainless steel plate

5. Test piece fixture material: SUS304 stainless steel plate

6. UV lamp tube: 8 pieces in two rows , 40W/piece

7. Water source and consumption: clean water or distilled water 8 liters/day (customer's own)

8. Control system: color touch screen interface, visual display of temperature, condensation level and irradiation time. Chinese input method, directly set the program to run automatically.

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