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النشرة الإخبارية Xenon lamp accelerated weather resistance test chamber


Functional use: the natural climate exposure test time is too long and the climate is irregular, so the reproducibility of the test results is not ideal. The xenon lamp accelerated weathering resistance test chamber currently adopts the accelerated climate artificial aging test method, artificially simulating and amplifying the main environmental factors, and realizing the rapid evaluation of the aging resistance of the material after a relatively long period of time under laboratory conditions. and can provide reproducible standard performance test results. The xenon light source is considered to be the light source that can best simulate the full spectrum of the sun. The xenon light source can identify light, heat, air, humidity, temperature and precipitation as the main environmental factors of aging damage, and quickly simulate the effect of solar radiation in different climates To give an approximate resistance to weathering in natural climatesto obtain. At present, the artificially accelerated aging test using a xenon lamp has become a general photoaging test method.

By simulating sunlight with high-power xenon lamps, adding moisture and water spray to simulate outdoor moisture damage to materials, greatly expanding the climate and environmental conditions that the device can simulate and the problem of the test machine to be overcome by the rotation of the sample rack A defect that complicates the transmission of the signal from the temperature sensor of the sample holder to the control system.

Structural features: including xenon lamp, laboratory, rotary shaft, sample holder temperature sensor, driving mechanism and control system.

1. The xenon lamp is fixed in the center of the top of the lab, the rotating shaft is pivotally connected to the lab, and the control system controls the drive mechanism to rotate the rotating shaftto drive elle to rotate.

2. The control system includes a microcomputer and a digital power supply. The microcomputer receives and processes the signals of each sensor, and the digital power supply supplies the xenon lamp with appropriate power according to the digital signal response of the microcomputer.

3. The inside of the rotating shaft is a hollow structure. At the bottom of the rotating shaft, a signal transmitter is installed, which can rotate with the rotating shaft. The temperature sensor of the sample rack is electrically connected by multiple wires, and the signal transmitter is connected through the hollow structure of the rotating shaft. The temperature signal is detected by the temperature sensor and sent to the receiver, overcoming the defect that the signal line is difficult to transmit the signal through the rotation of the sample holder to the control system.

4. The test chamber can handle various environmental variables including humidity, tempComprehensively simulate nature and light, and realize high-precision control of simulated outdoor environmental changes, and carry out a full test of the product's weather resistance. and It can meet the testing requirements of most international drag testing standards.

Xenon Lamp Accelerated Weathering Resistance Test Chamber Technical Parameters:

Model: LQ-XD-512

Internal Dimensions (W×H×D ) cm: 800 × 800 × 800 (size can be customized)

External dimensions (W × H × D) cm: based on actual size

Temperature range: RT (normal temperature) ~ 85℃

Humidity range: 30% ~ 98% RH

Temperature control accuracy: ≤±0.5℃

Temperature uniformity: ≤±2℃< /p>

Light source type: imported full solar spectrum water-cooled long-arc xenon lamp (average lifespan is about 1500 hours)

Rainy season: 1~9999 minutes, adjustable

Rain cycle: 1~240 minutes, interval (off) adjustable

Spectral wavelength: 290nm~800nm

Xenon lamp power: 1KW, 6KW (lifespan: 1500 hours)

< p> Light source wavelength range: 290-800 nm

Light source irradiance: 550-1200w/m2

Irradiation area: approx. 7500cm2

Arc center to distance between the sample holders: 350–380 mm

Rotating speed of the sample rotating basket: 1– 3 rpm (stepless speed regulation)

Spraying time: 0-99h 59min, continuous adjustment

Spraying pressure: 78~127KPA

Spray stop time: 0 ~99h59min, steplessly adjustable

Lighting time: stepless programming control

Board temperature: bimetallic board thermometer 40℃~65℃(±3℃)

Cooling method: mechanical cooling and Air cooling

Water supply system: automatic control of humidification and water supply, xenon lamp cooling circuit water

Control system: Imported touch screen central controller

Power supply: The power cord is on the back of the machine/AC380±5%V/50±0.5Hz/3-phase 5-wire/Length 2 .5 meters

Main material:

1. The equipment is mainly divided into the main body, humidification, heating, cooling and dehumidification, Display control part, air conditioning part, security protection part and other accessories
2. The body of the test box is machined by CNC machine tools, with beautiful appearance and non-reaction handle, which is easy to operate.
3.The inner liner of the box is made of imported high-quality stainless steel (SUS304) mirror plate, and the outer liner of the box is made of high-quality steel sheet baking paint, which increases the appearance and cleanliness. 50mm diameter test hole, which is used for external test current lines or signal lines can be used
4. Control system: The TempeTemperature and humidity control instrument adopts an imported high-precision digital microcomputer-integrated controller Precision: 0.1°C (display range) ;Resolution ±0.1°C;Temperature sensor: PT100 gold resistance temperature measuring body, set PID auto-tuning
5. Control method: heat balance temperature and humidity adjustment method; Temperature and humidity control uses the P.I.D+S.S.R system to coordinate control on the same channel; it has the function of automatic calculation, which can change the temperature and humidity conditions, make the temperature and humidity control more stable
6. Equipment operation sequence control: directly display the control light/temperature time program
7. Timer: record the exposure time (irradiation time or total exposure time can be displayed visually )
8. The thermometers according to the panel: Indicates the temperature of the panel
9. The door frame is sealed with a sealsilicone rubber tires
10. The front of the box is equipped with a coated glass viewing window to prevent the rays from damaging the eyes
11. One layer stainless steel sample rack
12. Test The total time is 999.9 hours.
13. Xenon lamp operating time: up to 999.9 hours in total
14. Compressor: fully enclosed French Taikang compressor
15. Multi-blade fan is used for strong air circulation to avoid blind spots and achieve temperature distribution in the test area itself.

The wind cycle is designed to allow the air outlet and return air to circulate. The wind pressure and wind speed all meet the test standards, and can quickly stabilize the temperature when the door is opened. Heating, cooling, system independence can increase the rate, reduce test costs, increase service life and reduce failure rate 16. Safety protection device L: G over-temperaturetotal equipment, total equipment timing, total equipment overload, total equipment underphase/reverse phase; cold overpressure of the device; Others are leakage, power indicator, auto power off after error alarm, etc.


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