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النشرة الإخبارية Guangdong Cryogenic Communication Equipment


Guangdong low-temperature communications equipmentmain Provide a temperature cycling environment for scientific research and production units, such as aerospace, aviation, petroleum, chemical industry, automobile, ship, electronics, communications, etc. , to allow users to perform temperature tests on complete machines (or components), electrical appliances, instruments, materials, etc. to evaluate the adaptability of test products or to evaluate the behavior of the test object. It is an indispensable and important test method in the whole process dhe new product development, prototype testing and product qualification testing.

Characteristics of Guangdong low-temperature communication equipment:


1. The test system structural design is advanced and reasonable, and the manufacture is standardized processing, beautiful and generous appearance.

2. The main functional elements of the test box Devices are all configured (high gold content), advanced and reliable technical principles, noise and energy saving are optimally controlled - its performance can replace similar foreign products.

3. Parts customization and assembly Good customization, the main functional components are adoptedThe use of advanced genuine parts improves the safety and reliability of the product, and can provide users with a long-term and high-frequency

Evaluate usage requirements.


4. The device has good operability, maintenance, good temperature stability and durability, good safety performance, no pollution of the environment and no harm to personal health.

5. The test box is mainly composed of a control panel, switch panel, insulation compartment, blower, heater and refrigerator. The main specifications can be divided into 6 standard size and specification of 10 different conditions.

6. Use multi-wing fan to force air circulation to eliminate blind spots and make indoor temperature distribution uniform.

7. Full safety protection device, when there is an abnormal situation, the error status will be automatically displayed on the controller screen, the power switch will be cut off, and troubleshooting methods will be provided.


Meet default:

GB/T11158- 2008 high temperature test chamber technic conditions;

GB/T10589-2008 low-temperature test chamber technical conditions;

GB/T2423.1-2008 Test A: Low temperature test method;

GB/T2423.2-2008 Test B: High temperature test method;

GB/T2423.22-2002 temperature change test method;

IEC60068-2-1: 2007 low temperature chamber test method;

IEC60068-2-2: 2007 high temperature chamber test method;

GJB150.3 high temperature test; GJB150.4 low temperature test;< /p>

IEC68-2-1 Test A: Cold ; IEC68-2-2 Test B: Dry Heat;

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