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النشرة الإخبارية school thermal shock test chamber


Thermal shock test chamber for schools is suitable for all industrial materials, finished or semi-finished industrial products. The compressor based refrigeration system creates a low temperature (also called cold temperature) and a high temperature (also called hot temperature) which is generated in the heating system. The two temperatures are controlled by the controller and cycled back and forth to beat tested products or accessories to see their effects The bodily changes that can be tolerated in a continuous cycle of extremely cold and extremely hot temperatures in a short period of time.


Hot and cold shock for School Technical performance of the test chamber:

Temperature distribution uniformity: ±2℃.

Temperature variation: ±0.5℃.

Temperature recovery time: 3~5min.

Heating time for preheating temperature in high temperature zone: 150°C/30min, 150°C/40min, 150°C/40min, 150°C/40min.

The cooling time of the pre-cooling temperature in the low temperature zone: -40℃/60min, -55℃/70min, -65℃/80min.

-40°C/70min, -55°C/80min, -65°C/90min.

-40°C/80min, -55°C/90min -65°C/100min.

-40℃/90min, -55℃/100min, -65℃/110min.

Shock box conventional model one: 3LQ-TS-50

Inner box size W×H× D: 360mm × 350mm × 400mm.

Outer carton size W×H×D: 1560 mm*1750mm*1440mm.


Shock box conventional model two: 3LQ-TS-80

Size of inner box W×H× T: 500mm × 400mm × 400mm.

Outer carton size W×H×D: 1700mm*1800mm*1440mm.

Shock box conventional model three: 3LQ-TS-100

Size of inner box W×H× D: 600mm × 400mm × 400mm.

Outer carton size W×H×D: 1800mm*1800mm*1440mm.

Blow box conventional model four: 3LQ-TS-150

Size of inner box W×H× D: 600mm × 500mm × 500mm.

Outer carton size W×H×D: 1800mm*1900mm*1540mm.

Shock box conventional model five: 3LQ-TS-250

Size of inner box W×H× D: 700mm × 600mm × 600mm.

Outer carton size W×H×D: 1900mm*2000mm*1640mm.

Notes: Depending on the size and length of the LED product, other sizes and volumes can be designed. If you need a non-standardNeed customization, please call.

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