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UV aging test box price


Ultraviolet aging test box priceAging test equipment simulating light, specially simulated products kept outdoors for a long time.


Ultraviolet rays in the sun are destructive to your exposure and it only lasts a few days or weeks , the device can reproduce the damage that would take months or years outdoors. Check whether the product has fading, discoloration, decrease in brightness, chalking, cracking, blurring, embrittlement, decrease in strength and oxidation. At the same time, it can reproduce the damage caused by rain and dew.


Meets test standards: ASTM G153, D4799, D4587, D4329, G154, G53; ISO 4892, SAE J2020 GB/T16442.3 All current UV aging test standards.


Price of UV aging test boxTechnicalParameters:

High temperature: normal temperature +10~70℃; Panel Measurement Range: 45~80℃.

High humidity: ≥90% relative humidity.

Temperature variation: Variation: ±3℃; Temperature resolution: 0.1℃.

The center distance of the lamp: 70mm (the center distance between the test product and the lamp tube: plate base frame test plate (adjustable up and down).

Lamp model: UVA-340 (315~400nm), UVB-313 (280~315nm) optional, 6 lamps are standard for this party.

The user can use this function to realize the continuous UV test function. On the custom operation screen, the user can manually control the opening and closing of each function. On this screen, the temperature setting can be realized and has the function of automaticallyen Temperature Calculation .



In the program control screen, users can run the device automatically according to the edited programCheck the basic information such as the total running time of the program, the segment running time of the program section, and the program number. At the same time, the operating status of each system is also displayed intuitively on the screen.

Operating mode: program mode, fixed value mode.

Setting method: Chinese menu, touch screen input.

UI language type: Chinese/English.

Program editing: 120 program groups can be edited, each program can be edited with 100 segments, and cycle operation can be set.

Panel Temperature Monitoring: Use a standard Pt-100 panel temperature sensor to monitor the sample topto control surface temperature during the test.

Communication interface: (RS232/RS485, long-distance communication 1.2km [optical fiber up to 30km]).

Auxiliary functions: error alarm and cause, processing reminder function, power-off protection function, timing function (auto start and auto stop), self-diagnosis function.

The black aluminum plate is connected to the temperature sensor, and the black plate temperature instrument is used to control the heating, so the temperature is more stable.

The radiometer probe is fixed and does not need to be loaded and unloaded every time.

Lighting and condensation can be controlled independently and alternately.

The independent control time of light and condensation and the time of alternating cycle controlcan be set as required within 1000 hours.





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