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النشرة الإخبارية Explosion-proof constant temperature box for battery testing


The constant temperature and explosion-proof box for battery testing is also called constant temperature and humidity test equipment, used for constant Temperature and humidity of industrial products For experimentation, experimentation or testing.


Specifications of constant temperature explosion-proof box for battery testing:


1. Specifications of Constant Humidity Test Chamber|Constant Temperature Test Chamber: (In addition to the following standard sizes, QINSUN can also customize special sizes for you)

LQ-TH-80 test chamber size (W*D*H) mm: 400*400*500.

LQ-TH-150 test box insideDimensions (W*D*H) mm: 500*500*600.

LQ-TH-225 test box internal dimensions (W*D*H) mm: 600*500*750.

LQ-TH-408 Test chamber interior dimensions (W*D*H) mm: 600*800*850.

LQ-TH-800 test chamber size (W*D*H) mm: 1000*800*1000.

LQ-TH-1000 Internal dimensions of the test chamber (W*D*H) mm: 1000*1000*1000.

2. Humidity range: 20% ~ 98% R.H.

3. Constant temperature range is optional: 0℃~150℃, -20℃~150℃, -40℃~150℃, -60℃~150℃℃, -70℃~150℃.


4. Analysis Accuracy: Temperature: 0.01℃, Humidity: 0.1% R.H.

5. Temperature fluctuation: ±0.5℃.

6. Temperature Elevaccuracy: ±2℃.

7. Heating rate: about 3°C/min (from low temperature to high temperature, non-linear idle).

8. Cooling rate: 0.75°C-1°C/min (from high temperature to low temperature, non-linear load).

9. This test chamber can simulate the test conditions of various environmental climates such as high temperature and constant temperature, low temperature and constant temperature, high temperature and constant humidity, and changing humidity and heat. , with a high-precision programming system, easy to operate and learn, test performance conditions, and is widely used in the storage and transportation of electricians, electronics, electrical appliances, LED, auto parts, mobile phones, instruments and other product parts in high, low and humid environmentgen, adaptation test during use to determine the temperature and humidity resistance of the above products in high and low temperature environments and hot and humid environments


Responsive tests.


If you need to buy or customize, please contact QINSUN Technology, the new generation of constant humidity test chambers | Constant temperature test chamber manufactured The company has a beautiful appearance, the box structure is stable and reliable, the cooling system and control technology have been greatly improved, the technical indicators are more stable, and the maintenance is more convenient.





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