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النشرة الإخبارية simulated test chamber for fluorescent lamps


Simulated fluorescent lamp test chamber It is a three-function UV aging test chamber, which has three functions of light + condensation + spraying, because the UV aging test chamber also simulates the outdoor environment the outdoor environment sunlight, rainy days, and wet and dewy weather. The third function is that it can simulate a variety of weather and climate very well.


GB/T14552-2008 "People's Republic of China standard - Plastics, coatings, rubber materials for mechanical industrial products - artificial climate accelerated test method" a, fluorescent ultraviolet light / condensation test method GB/T16422.3-2014 Plastic Laboratory Light Source Exposure Test Method Part 3 GB/T16585-1996 "People's Republic of China Standard - Test Method for Artificial Weathering of Vulcanized Rubber (UV Fluorescent Lamp)" Testing Standards: ASTM D4329, ISO 4892-3, ISO 11507, SAE J2020 and other current UV aging test standards.


Technical parameters of the simulated fluorescent lamp test chamber:

1. The ambient temperature is +28℃, the relative humidity is ≤85% and there is no sample in the test chamber

2. The temperature range can be adjusted from normal temperature +10~70℃

3 、Humidity range ≥90% RH

4 , lamp type UVA-340 (315~400nm), UVB-313 (280~315nm) optional, this program needs 8 lamps.

5, lamp brand US Q - LAB or American ATLAS is optional, and the default configuration is QS-lab (UVA-340) (one wrong one loses hundred)

6. The center distance of the lamp is 70mm

7. The center-to-center distance between the test product and the lamp tube is 50±3mm

8, Irradiance 0.35~1.2W/m2 Adjustable within the maximum output power or maximum output power (can only be set with Solar Eye online control)


9, temperamentbasic fluctuation ±3 ℃ 2, 10 temperature resolution 0.1℃2, 11 black panel thermometer 45~80℃; Tolerance: ±3℃

12. Temperature control method PID self-tuning temperature control method





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