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النشرة الإخبارية water spray test machine


water spray test machine is used to test whether the electronic and electrical equipment, casing and sealing can ensure the good performance of the equipment and components in the rainy environment. It can simulate different environments such as dripping and splashing water. It is mainly suitable for waterproof performance test and IP waterproof test of communication equipment, auto parts, outdoor lighting and signaling equipment; at the same time, it recognizes that the equipment may be affected by water ingress during transportation or use, and provides reliable performance basis for equipment technical standards; The whole testing process is completed in the box, the water will not splash outside, and the water can be recycled.

This rain test machine is acombined type controlled by rain test levels IPX12~X6. It saves space in the customer's laboratory and saves 6 cubic meters of water per hour of operation. Control mode Programmable control system, set IPX12, 34, X56 independent control via touch screen setting interface. The left and right rotation angle of the swing tube can be adjusted to adapt to the IPX test level, and the spraying time can be adjusted, controlled by an independent sample turntable. Conforms to the standard: GB/T2423.38-2005 ; GB4943, GB4208 grade) IPX1X2 Drip Test Partially Tilted The stage of the raindrop tester can be tilted 150° and the test position can be automatically rearranged to meet the tilt requirements of the IPX2 - to meet tests.

The test room consists of a test stand, a water tank, a Steouter box, a product dewatering buffer and a spray system.

The main technical parameters of the water spray test machine:

1. The overall size of the lab: depth 3300 × width 1200 × height 1700㎜

2. Inner box size: depth 800× width 800㎜× height 800㎜

3. IP12 drip tray: 600X600mm, height 120MM, hole distance: 20X20MM, drip hole:0.4mm

4. Drip flow: IP1 1mm±0.5/min, IP2 3mm+mn;1/min

5. IP34 Adjusted pivot tube radius: 300mm, pivot tube inner diameter: 16mm, holes pitch: 50mm, drip hole: 0.4mm

6. Spray flow: 0.07 l/min

7. Pan tube angle: 120°--320° (near)

8. pan speedspeed: 5-10 per minute, adjustable

9.IP56: 1 IP6 nozzle, 1 IP5 nozzle, and the support frame is installed on the right side, with a central stainless steel box connected to the test chamber. The nozzle is 2700mm from the center of the turntable.

10. Pipe diameter: The side panel consists of PVC pipe, one IP5, one IP6, each 3 meters long.

11. Nozzle size: φ12.5mm (IP6 class); φ6.5mm (IP5 class)

12. Water spray pressure: 80~150kpa (adjustable)

13. Water Spray Intensity: IP6-100±5(L/min) , IP5 -12.5±0.625(L/min),

14. Turntable: a φ500MM in total.

15. Speed: 1-3 revolutions per minute

16. Load capacity: 10 kg ( rotate according to program setting) 304 stainless steel design and manufacture

17. Water spray duration: 3, 10, 999 min (adjustable)

18. Runtime control: 1~9999min (adjustable)

19. Water recirculation system to ensure water recycling

20. Water absorption area: front of the product

21. Water spray pressure gauge that can display the water spray pressure

22. Control system: Intelligent touch screen control system.

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