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High and low temperature explosion-proof box for battery testing


The high and low temperature explosion-proof box for battery testing is also called constant temperature and humidity testing machine, programmable constant temperature and humidity testing machine, high and Low-temperature alternating testing machine for damp heat. The machine mainly provides test environments and test conditions, such as constant humidity and heat, complex high and low temperature changes, etc., for industrial materials, electronic components, electrical finished products or semi-finished products into the research and development, production and inspection links.

High and low temperature explosion-proof box for battery testing Specifications:

1. Product Name


Programmable high and low temperature test chamber

LQ-GD -80ABCD (depending on size and temperature range)

2. Example description

This constant temperature and humidity chamber is suitable for:

Electrical, electronic, electrical products, components, components and their materials are stored high and low temperature environments

, test of adaptability during transport and use

This test equipment prohibits:

Testing or storage of flammable, explosive and volatile substance samples

Testing or storage of caustic samples

Testing or storage of biological samplen

Saving test or storage of samples of strong electromagnetic emission sources

3. Volume, Height and Weight

3.1. Nominal internal volume

3.2. Inner box size

3.3. Weight


Depth 1000×Width 1000×Height 800mm

About 500kg

4. Performance

4.1. Test environmental conditions

4.2 Test method

The ambient temperature is +25 ℃, relative Humidity ≤85% and no sample in the test chamber

GB/T5170.2-1996 temperature tester

GB/T5170.5-1996 Damp Heat Tester

4.3. Temperature range

A: 0℃→+150℃; B: -20℃→+150℃; C: -40℃→+150℃; D: -70℃ →+150℃

4.4 Temperature variation


4.5 Temperature Deviation


4.6. Heating rate

Average 3°C/min

4.7. Cooling Rate

Average 0.7~1℃/min

4.8. Moisture Range

(20~98)%RH (see graph of controllable temperature and humidity range, no active heat load)

4.9. Moisture variation

Temperature uniformity

±1% RH

±2% RH (when humidity ≤75% RH)

4.10. Meet testing standard


GB/T5170.2-2008 Environmental Test for Electrical and Electronic Products Equipment Inspection Method Temperature Tester.

GB/T 5170.5-2008 Environmental testing equipment for electrical and electronic products test method wet heat testing equipment.

GB/T2423.1-2008 Basic Environmental Test Procedures for Electrical and Electronic Products Test A: Low Temperature Test Method.

GB/T2423.2-2008 Basic Environmental Test Procedures for Electrical and Electronic Products Test B:High Temperature Test Procedure.

GB/T 2423.3-2008 Basic Environmental Test Methods for Electrical and Electronic Products Test Ca: Constant Damp Heat Test Method.

GB/T 2423.4-2008 Environmental testing for electric and electronic products - Part 2: Test method Test Db: Alternating damp heat (12h+12h cycle) .

GB/T 2423.22-2002 Basic environmental test methods for electrical and electronic products Test N Temperature change test method.

GB/T10592-2008 Technical conditions for high and low temperature test chambers.

GB/T 10589-2008 Technical conditions for cryogenic test chambers.

GB/T 10586-2006 Technical Conditions for Damp Heat Test Chamber.

MIL-STD810D Method 502.2 American Standard.

GJB 150.9-1986 Environmental test methods for equipment Damp heat test.

IEC 68-2-1-1990 Chinese name: Basic environmental test methods Part 2: Section 1. Test Test A: Low temperature test .

EC68-2-14_Test method N_Temperature change.

GB/T 2423.34-2012 Environmental testing Part 2: Test method Test ZAD: Temperature and humidity combo test.

5. Structural Features

5.1. Thermal Case Structure

Outer wall material: steel sheet galvanized on both sides, sprayed surface treatment

Inner wall material: SUS304 stainless steel plate

Material insulation box body: polyurethane rigid foam + glass fiber

Door insulation material: fiberglass

5.2 air conditioning duct

Centrifugal fan: 2

Heater, evaporator (wet heat type and dehumidifier), water inlet and outlet, dry bulb temperature sensor

Damp heat type also has: humidifier, dry burn protection, wet bulb temperature sensor, wet bulb sink

5.3 . Standard configuration of constant temperature and humidity programmable chamber

Observation window: 1 piece transparent electric heating film, hollow tempered glass, W290mm × H360mm (on the door) including lighting coverage area

Guide hole: φ50mm1 (located on the right side of the case)

Sample rack: 2-layer stainless steel sample rack, load capacity (even distribution): 20kg/layer

Lighting: 11W/AC220V1pc

Mobile roles: 4

5.4. Door

Single wing door (left hinge, right handle), with viewing window, lighting,

Anti-condensation electric heater for window frames/door frames

5.5. Control Panel

Korean color touchscreen controller, over-temperature protection device stabilizer, power button

5.6. Technical room

Cooling Unit, Drain Pan, Drain Hole

Condenser fan (air-cooled type only)

Liquider air intake filter (air-cooled version only)

5.7. Power distribution cabinet

Distribution board, exhaust fan

5.8. Heating

Nickel-chromium alloy electric heating wire heater

Heating control method: non-contact Equal Period Pulse Width Modulation, SSR (Solid State Relay)

5.9. Humidifier

Flat groove humidification method

Stainless steel humidifier or nickel-chrome humidifier tube

Heating control method: no pulse width adjustment of equal-period contacts, SSR (solid-state relay)< /p>

Water level taxtion device, humidifier anti-dry device

5.10. Waterway

Humidification water supply system

5.11. Hole for power cord and drainage hole

at the back of the box

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