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النشرة الإخبارية Large-scale constant temperature and humidity aging test chamber


Large constant temperature and humidity aging test chamber It is a test chamber with low temperature function, constant temperature function, constant humidity function, low temperature constant temperature function, high temperature constant temperature function , High and low temperature constant temperature function, High temperature constant humidity function, High and low temperature alternating damp heat function.

Large constant temperature and humidity aging test chamber is widely used in optoelectronics, communications, LED, photovoltaic, electrical engineering, electrical appliances, Electronics, machinery, instruments instrumentation and other industries, especially parts and materials in the industry are particularly important for adaptability testing when stored, processed, transported and used in low temperature, constant temperature and constant humidity environments.

model :LQ-TH-80/100/150/225/408/800/1000 (or other models optional)

Width, height and depth according to the internal volume of the test chamber: 400*500*400 (80 liters); 500*400*400 (100 liters) 500*600*500 (150 liters); 500*750*600 (225 liters ); 600*850*800 (408 liters); 1000*1000*800 (800 liters); 1000*1000*1000 (1000liters).

Temperature range: low temperature 0℃/-20℃/-40℃/-60℃/-70℃~high temperature +100℃/150℃ (the price between 100℃ and 150℃ No effect).

Temperature fluctuations in the test chamber degrees: ±0.5℃.

The temperature in the test chamber is uniform degrees: ±2℃.

Heating rate: about 3°C/min (no load corresponds to the national standard).

Cooling rate: approx. 1°C/min (idling corresponds to national standard).

Noise (dB): ≥65 decibels.

Power supply: low power AC220 50 Hz. High power 380 V 50 Hz. The detailed offer plan shows the exact power and power supply.

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