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النشرة الإخبارية Solar Ultraviolet Uva Test Chamber


Solar Ultraviolet Uva Test Chamber is a device that focuses on light aging, so it can also be called a light ultraviolet aging test chamber, but its function is In addition to the lighting function, you can also increase the spray function to simulate rainy weather, and increase the condensation function to simulate hot and humid climate or dew climate, because the outdoor climate is different, sometimes sunny, sometimes humid in the afternoon, so is it a test device capable of simulating a comprehensive aging climate.

Solar Ultraviolet Uva Test Chamber|Heating system and spraying system for plastic UV aging tester , Table Temperature:

1. The heating method is to heat the water tank inside the tank, and the temperature rises quickly, and the temperature distribution is uniform.

2. The water level of the inner tank will be replenished automatically to prevent damage to the heating pipe.

3. The sprayer simulates the drastic temperature change and the Rain erosion when it rains, and there are multiple nozzles to spray evenly.

4.The drainage system uses vortex and U-shaped sedimentation devices for drainage, convenient for users to be cleaned.

5. The panel temperature adopts a bimetal panel thermometer, and the panel temperature instrument controls the heating, and the temperature is more stable.

1. Excellent shape design: arc shape and surface spray treatment, high-quality appearance, more clean and beautiful.

2. The inner lining of the box is made of high quality (SUS304) stainless steel sheet.

3. The carton lid is a two-way folding type, easy to open and close.

4. The shell of the cabinet is made with a CNC machine Machine tool machined from A3 steel plates, and the surface of the shell is sprayed with plastic, which is beautiful and generous.

5. 4 on both sides of the studioTotal are 8 UV -UV series lamps installed.

6. The sample holder consists of a liner and a tension spring and is made of aluminum alloy.

7. The bottom of the UV aging test chamber adopts fixed movable PU wheels, convenient for customers to move.

Ultraviolet detector|Light source system made of plastic ultraviolet aging tester:

1. The light source uses 8 American original Atlas UV Series UV Fluorescent Lamps als light source.

2. There are UVA-340 and UVB-313 light sources for standard lamps that users can select and configure (pick one).

3. The wavelength range of the UVA-340 UV lamp is 315-400nm, and the UV lamp has an emission peak at 340nm. Most of the test requirements recommend using UVA-340 ultraviolet lamps, which simulate the situation after summer midday sun.

4. The wavelength range of the UVB-313 UV lamp is 280-315nm, and the UV lamp has an emission peak at 313nm. The test results, which must accelerate the aging speed, recommend the use of UVB-313 ultraviolet lamps.

5. The effective lifespan of UV lamps is 500-700 hours for household lamps and 1500-1800 hours for American lamps.

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