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النشرة الإخبارية Walk-in UV Aging Chamber Company


UV Aging Chamber can not only simulate the ultraviolet light worn in the sun, but also simulate the high temperature and high humidity environmental test. Therefore, it can also be called UV high temperature aging chamber or UV high humidity weatherproof chamber and UV light source environmental chamber.

UV aging walk-in box CompanyTechnical parameters:

High temperature: normal temperature +10~70℃; Panel Measurement Range: 45~80℃.

High humidity: ≥90% relative humidity.

Temperature variation: Variation: ±3℃; Temperature resolution: 0.1℃.

The center distance of the lamp: 70mm (the center distance between the test product and the lamp tube: plate base frame testplate (adjustable up and down).

Lamp model: UVA-340 (315~400nm), UVB-313 (280~315nm) optional, 6 lamps are standard for this party.

Lamp brand: American ATLAS original.

Irradiance: adjustable within 1.0 W/m2/340nm (can be adjusted accordingly to adjust light intensity output).

Controller: Programmable 7-inch true color touchscreen controller (QTEST) off Taiwan, China.

Provide comprehensive and detailed real-time monitoring and curve recording for key test parameters such as irradiance, temperature and time (the controller has a recording function), and the computer can also generate reports and print curves.

irradiation/condensation/water spray test can be performed separately, or any combination ofn Irradiation/condensation/water spray test can be programmed.

True color touch screen control system with good stability, monitoring, operability and maintenance.

Provide a life reference for UV lamps with expensive materials (the lamps are consumables with a lifespan of about 1600 hours), which is convenient for users to confirm lamp replacement


Change time and save usage cost. The irradiance measuring and control device (sun eye) can be used to measure and control the irradiance, so that the irradiance can be automatically stabilized at the set value and the lamp life can be significantly extended.

The design of automatic water supply and drainage is adopted, and the powerful waterqhigh cost mercury is used to ensure the flow rate and uniformity of water spraying.

Most of the main components are used, and a small part is made by domestic brands, which improves the safety and reliability of the product. (For details, please refer to the attached list of main accessories).

The installation and wiring of the electrical part of the device must be carried out in accordance with electrical standards.

Notes: Sample restriction conditions: This tester prohibits: explosion, testing and storage of samples of volatile substances, testing and storage of samples of corrosive substances.

Meet standard GB/T14552-2008 Standard of the People's Republic of China - For products of Machine industry Plastics, coatings, rubber materialsalien - accelerated test methods for artificial climate in a test method with fluorescent UV light/condensation.

lGB/T16422.3-1997 GB/T16585-96 related analysis method.

lGB/T16585-1996 Standard of the People's Republic of China - Test Method for Artificial Weathering of Vulcanized Rubber (UV Fluorescent Lamp).

lGB/T16422.3-1997 Plastic Laboratory Light Source Exposure Test Method and other appropriate standard terms for design and manufacturing standards.

lMeets test standards: ASTM D4329, ISO 4892-3, ISO 11507, SAE J2020 and other current UV aging test standards.

Other standards are not listed exhaustively, please have them confirmed by our technical department.

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