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النشرة الإخبارية Xenon lamp weather test chamber


Xenon lamp weather test chamberUse a xenon lamp to simulate sunlight, condensed moisture to simulate rain and dew, and the tested material will alternately become a specific Exposure to temperature with light and humidity The hazards that occur outdoors for months or even years can be reproduced in a few days or weeks. The artificial accelerated aging test data can help select new materials, improve existing materials, and evaluate formulation changes to evaluate product durability.

The working principle of the programmable xenon lamp aging test chamber is the instrument and equipment for comprehensive weather resistance testing, after adding light aging to the temperature and humidity environment and climate. More comprehensive are the simulation conditions that simulate the entire spectrum, wThisparticularly useful for some automotive interior and paint products, and xenon lamps are typically used for standard product testing.

Programmable aging test chamber for xenon lamps Other working principle of the system: Heating:

1. Nickel-chromium alloy electric heating wire heater;

2. Heater control method: non-contact pulse width modulation with same cycle, SSP (Solid State Electronic Device); 3. Heater power: 4.5KW; Air transport duct: 1. Multi-blade centrifugal circulation fan, reinforced shaft and high and low temperature resistant aluminum alloy rotating blades to achieve forced convection; 2. FLOW THROW air delivery mode; horizontal diffusion and vertical heat exchanger arc circulation; 3 Adjustable side blowing air outlet and return air outlet on the railing 4. An independent temperature sensor is soset to prevent the temperature from getting out of control. For more information about Xenon Arc Aging Test Chamber technical parameters, quotation plans and service items, please visit Dongguan QINSUN Testing Instrument Co.,Ltd. Welcome to the consultation. The rubber xenon lamp aging test chamber can be used not only in rubber and its products, but also for industrial products and configurations that require accelerated aging tests in various industries.

Xenon lamp weathering chamber technical parameters:

Test area, lamp maintenance area, instrumentation The electronics area and the computer room sind incorporated partitions and modularized to meet humanized testing and maintenance operation. The bottom of the box adopts high-quality PU fixed movable wheels, convenient for customers to move.

2.2 Box material

1. Outer tank material: electrostatic spraying of colored steel plate

2. Inner tank material: heat-resistant and cold-resistant stainless steel plate

2.3 Test box door

Single hinged door (looking at the box, left hinge, right handle) Silicone rubber compression seal

2.4 Water supply

Drawer Automatic water refill after adding water or connecting to a water source

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