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UV durability testers

UV durability tester also It can be called UV durability test box or ultraviolet Uv Testing Machine, because the area where the test products are placed adopts a flat style of the compartments what is convenient when placing non-standard or irregular test products for testing. Widely used in paint coatings, automotive, plastic products, wood products, adhesives, etc.

UV Durability TesterIntroduction to normal model function:

LQ-UV1: Used for ultraviolet light to simulate UV-ultraviolet test in outdoor sunlight with artificial irradiation. Degree control, adjustment and other functions.

LQ-UV2 : Used for UV light and condensation function to simulate outdoor UV light and moisture erosion, equipped with

The sun-eye irradiance control system, which can monitor the UV irradiance, enables fast and reproducible testing, and the lamp life can reach 1800-2500 hours.

LQ-UV3: Equipped with ultraviolet light and condensation, water spray system, including nozzles, piping, control and drainage devices, short-term ultraviolet light can simulate thermal shock, long-term spraying and condensation can be used to rain- and to simulate moisture erosion. Mechanical erosion.

Technical parameters:

1. Inner shape size: 1140×690×640 mm (W*H*D).

2. Dimensions: 1300 × 1630 × 700 mm (W*H*D) .

3. Temperature range: RT +10℃~70℃.

4. Humidity Range: ≥95% R.H.

5. Blackboard temperature: 40℃~65℃.

6. Distance between lamp tubes: 70mm.

7. Lamp power: 40W/each.

8. Lamp life: 1800~2500 hours.

9. UV wavelength: 280nm~315nm; 315nm~400nm.

10. Test time: 1~ 9999s, m, h adjustable.

11. Customizable Irradiance: ≤0.33-1.0 W/m2.

12. Power requirements: AC220 (±10%) V/50HZ single phase three-wire system.

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