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Rapid test chamber for alternating high and low temperatures

Quickly alternating high and low temperature test chamber is a tool that simulates whether the high and low temperatures in the environment will affect the performance and physical Affect changes of materials or end products in many industrial chains such as industrial products and electronic products during the rapid change process.


1. High performance High cost performance, matching QINSUN air supply system design: use the air duct with built-in spiral fan to ensure that the temperature in the testing machine room is within the standard, the test is stable, and the temperature fluctuation deviation is small.

Secondly, the company chooses the German semi-closed BITZER, which owns a global brandclosed compressor, high cold reliability, low energy consumption and very stable operation.

Thirdly, in addition to the compressor, there are other components such as regulators, expansion valves, solenoid valves, plate heat exchangers, refrigerants, refrigeration machine oil, oil separators and high-voltage switches ensure the machine's service life and reliability.

Fourth, fastThe temperature cycle testing machine is a full-featured testing machine. Adjustable operating modes include: high and low temperature rapid cycle test, high and low temperature constant temperature test, high and low temperatureur alternating test, high and low temperature cycle test, high temperature constant test, low temperature constant test If you choose to test with humidity, you can also do: wet heat cycle test, constant temperature and humidity test, high temperature test Temperature and constant humidity, low temperature and low humidity test, high and low temperature humid heat alternating test and other functions.

Fifth, the future maintenance is convenient and simple: this check maschine has a self-diagnosis function: if the control system has a self-diagnosis function, in the case of compressor over-pressure, over-temperature, current overload, fan overload, leakage and other faults, the controller will display the cause of the fault in Chinese, and give details tips for solving; for maintenance : The stainless steel filter installed in front of the condenser is convenient for regular cleaning to prevent the cooling rate from being reduced or even shut down due to overpressure protection due to dirty clogging of the condenser.

Technical parameters of the rapidly changing high and low temperature test chamber:

Temperature range: -70°C~150°C (and -60°C~150°C/-40°C~150°C/-20°C~150°C ℃/ 0℃ ~150℃ temperature range freely selectable for everyone).

The default range for fast temperature changes: -45℃~80℃.

Humidity Range: 20%~98%RH (If the humidity range is not needed, try not to add it as it will increase power consumption).

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