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النشرة الإخبارية Water-cooled programmable thermal shock chamber

Water-cooled programmable thermal shock boxIt is divided into three-box and two-box thermal shock test chamber -box thermal shock test chamber They are mainly used in metal, plastic, electronic batteries, headphones, mobile phones, rubber, LED, Household appliances, scientific research, universities, etc.

Triple Chamber Thermal Shock Test Chamber Standard:

1st test chamber test standard

GB/T 2423.22-2012 Part 2 : Test Method Test N: Temperature Change;

IEC 60068-2-1 4-2009 Environmental Testing Part 2-14 Test Test N temperature change;

GJB 1 50.5A -2009 thermal shock test;

GJB 360B-2009 Test Methods for Electronic and Electrical Components.

2. The test box's performance has been confirmed to meet the standard

GB/T2424.5-2006 Environmental Test Performance Verification of Temperature Chamber for Electrical and Electronic Products;

GB/T5170.2-2008 Environmental test equipment test method for electronic and electrical products + temperature test device;

JJF1 101-2003 Environmental Test Equipment Temperature and Humidity Calibration Specification.

Protection system: compressor overheat protection, compressor overpressure protection, condenser fan overheat protection, heater anti-air combustion protection, compressor overcurrent protection, overload and short circuit protection, power phase sequence, phase loss protection, running fan overheat protection, leakage and power failure protection, overtemperature protection.

water-cooled programmable cold and heat shock field are as follows: (each width×height×depth) (mm)

LQ-TS-50 inner box size: 350 × 350 × 400 outer box size: 1560 × 1750 × 1440.

LQ -TS-80 inner box size: 500×400×400 outer box size: 1700×1800×1440.

LQ-TS-100 Inner box size: 600×400×400 Outer box size: 1800×1800×1440.

LQ-TS- 150 Inner box size: 600×500×500 Outer box size: 1800×1900×1540.

LQ-TS-250 inner box size: 700×600×600 outer frame size: 1900×2000×1640.

LQ-TS-480 inner box size: 800×800×750 outer box size: 2020×2250×2150.

Temperature range: A:-40~150℃; B:-55~150℃; C:-65~150℃.

The power supply of all high and low temperature impact test chamber adopts: 3∮5W AC380±10% 50/60HZ.

High temperature room: preheating temperature range, RT 20℃~200℃ heating time: 20℃~200℃ about 30min.

Low temperature room: Pre-cooling temperature range, RT~-80℃ Cooling time: 20℃~-80℃ for about 80min.< /p>

Lab shock: temperature uniformity ±2.0℃.

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