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النشرة الإخبارية UV test chamber

Ultraviolet light test chamber, also known as UV-ultraviolet weather resistance aging test chamber, is a fluorescent UV lamp imported from the United States (ATLAS) as a light source by using the natural UV Radiation is simulated sunlight and then by humidification system simulates the function of condensed water and simulates rainy weather by spraying to conduct accelerated weatherability tests on materials to obtain the material weatherability results. The product's aging resistance is tested by artificially reproducing environmental conditions such as UV rays, high temperature, high humidity, condensation, rain and darkness in natural climates.

Ultraviolet Light Test Box mainly provides UV aging test for plastics, coatings, plastics, adhesives, advertising materials, roofing materials, printing inks, textiles and other industries toevaluate the test To test the photostability and shelf life of the test product or to evaluate the performance of the test product. It is an indispensable and important test method in the whole process of new product development, prototype testing and product qualification testing.

Ultraviolet light test chamberTechnical parameters:

1. Temperature range of artificial accelerated aging test equipment: RT+10℃~70℃

2. The center distance of the lamp: 70mm (the center distance between the test product and the lamp: 50 ± 3mm)

3. The lamp power: 40W

4. Temperature fluctuation temperature : Fluctuation: ±3°C, resolution: 0.1°C

5. Irradiation intensity: adjustable within 1.0W/m2m

6. UV lamp wavelength: imported from ATLAS, USA UVA-340(315~400nm), UVB-313(280~ 315nm .

7. UV light exposure, simulated condensation time range: 0~999 hours eadjustable

10. Control Instrument: 7-inch True Color Programmable Touch Screen Controller (QTEST) in Taiwan , China

Ultraviolet rays in sunlight are the main factor affecting durability of most materials. Our QINSUN technology uses UV lamps to simulate the short-wavelength ultraviolet portion of sunlight, which produces very little visible light, and infrared spectrum energy. Our QINSUN UV Accelerated Aging Tester | UV artificial accelerated aging test chamber can select different wavelength UV lamps according to different test needs, because each UV lamp has different total energy and wavelength of ultraviolet radiation. Normally, UV lamps can be divided into UVA and UVB.

UVA-340 Lamps: UVA-340 lamps are good at simulating short-wavelength ultraviolet light in real sunlight; H. from 365 nanometers to the wellen length range where sunlight cuts off at 295 nanometers.

UVB-313 lamp tube: The short-wavelength ultraviolet light emitted by the UVB-313 lamp tube is stronger than the sun's ultraviolet sunlight that normally irradiates the earth's surface, which can significantly accelerate the aging of materials. However, the tube can cause impractical damage to certain materials. UVB-313 lamps are mainly used for quality control, research and development or to perform tests on materials with the highest weather resistance.

Common models of aging instruments


Studio size (cm)

45×117×50 (size can be customized)

External size (cm)

53×137×135 (size can be customized )


3.5 (KW)


AC380 (±10%) V/ 50HZ three-phase four-wire system

Performance index

Temperature range


Humidity range


Distance between lamps


Distance between samples and lamps


Standard sample holder


Ultraviolet wavelength

UVA (imported lamp 315~ 400nm ) or UVB (imported lamp 280~315nm) optional

Black plate temperature


Secondary illumination

1000uw/ cm2

Standard test piece


Lamp life


Lamp power


Inner box material

High quality SUS304 stainless steel plate

Outer box material

SUS304 stainless steel hairline board

Control system

Temperature controller

Imported LED digital display P.I.D+S.S.R. Microcomputer integrated control

Time control

Imported programmable time computer integrated control

Lighting heating system

Fully independent system, nickel-chromium Alloy Electric Heater

Condensationhumidification system

Stainless steel flat surface evaporative humidifier

Spray system

Spray time 18 MIN, spray stop time 108 MIN can be adjusted

Water supply system

Humidification water supply adopts automatic control

Lighting method

Moisture condensation exposure, light radiation exposure

Heating method

Internal tank tank heating, rapid heating, temperature uniformity

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