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Alternating artificial UV aging chamber

UV hazard types include: fading, cracking, clouding, blistering, discoloration, loss of gloss, chalking, embrittlement, loss of strength and oxidation. It is suitable for the aging test of sunlight resistance and artificial light source of non-metallic materials; it includes 2 types: UV-A wavelength is 315nm to 380nm, UV-B wavelength is 280nm to 315nm.

Changing artificial UV aging chamber can simulate the damage caused by UV light, rain and dew to industrial materials by using fluorescent UV in the US -Atlas lamps are used to simulate the effect of ultraviolet light in sunlight, the use of condensation to simulate humidity and dew, and the use of spray to simulate rain and rainy weather.

Technical parameters of the alternating ultraviolet artificial aging box:

1. Temperature and humidity range Normal temperature +10~70℃; Panel measurement range: 45~80℃; Humidity range: ≥90% RH.

2. Temperature variation Variation: ±3℃; Resolution: 0.1℃.

3. The center distance of the lamp is 70mm (the distance between the center of the test product and the lamp tube: plate type base frame test plate (adjustable up and down).

4. Lamp Brand Model American ATLAS Original UVA-340(315~400nm), UVB-313(280~315nm)(Optional), 8pcs 340 lamp tubes are default, if you need 313 lamp tubes , please explain before ordering.

5. The irradiance is adjustable within 1.0W/m2 (can be output according to the adjusted light intensity).

6. Temperature control method PID self-tuning temperature control method.

Ultraviolet detector|Plastic ultraviolet aging tester conforms to the standard:

This product strictly complies with GB/T16422.3-1997 standard Technical parameters Designed and manufactured in accordance with current UV standards such as GB/T16585-1996, GB/T14522-2008, ASTM-D4329 D499 D4587 D5208, G154 G53, ISO 4892-3, ISO 11507, EN534, PREN1062-4, BS2782 , JIS D0205, SAEJ2020 etc ageung test standard.

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