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النشرة الإخبارية Adhesive durability test xenon lamp aging test chamber

Adhesive Durability Test Xenon Aging Test ChamberA Xenon arc lamp capable of simulating the full spectrum of sunlight is used to reproduce the destructive light waves present in various environments:

1 Yes Provide appropriate environmental simulation and accelerated testing for scientific research, product development and quality control.

2. It can be used for selecting new materials, improving existing materials, or evaluating changes in material composition.

3. It can well simulate the changes of materials exposed to sunlight under different environmental conditions.

4. If the test sample is not large or not many, it is recommended to use Desktop xenon lamps can achieve the same effect

0.30-0.57 W/m2 (at 340nm adjustable)

0.66-1.22 W/m2 (adjustable at 420 mm)

35-70W/M2(adjustable at 300-400nm)

300-800W/M2(adjustable at 200-800mm)

500-1200W/M2(adjustable at 250-3000mm)

Basic Principle of Adhesion Testing Xenon Lamp Aging Test Chamber :

The weathering test is an important means of screening formulations to determine product composition in the process of scientific To optimize research and production, and is also an important content of product quality inspection Applied materials such as coatings, plastics, aluminum-plastic panels and automotive safety glass and other products All standards require weather resistance test.

The main factors in material aging are sunlight and moisture. The weather test chamber can simulate the dangers of sunlight, rain and dew. The weather resistance test chamber simulates with ar xenon lamp the effect of sunlight and simulates rain and dew with condensed moisture. The tested material is subjected to an alternating program of light and humidity at a specific temperature for testing, and it takes several days or weeks to reproduce hazards that occur outdoors over months or even years. Accelerated weathering test data can aid in selecting new materials, modifying existing materials, and evaluating how formulation changes affect product durability.

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