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Temperature shock test chamber moved up and down

Move the temperature shock test chamber up and downIt is also a high and low temperature impact test chamber , so the three-bay cold and hot shock test chamber is also a three-bay high and low temperature impact test chamber slots. The main structure consists of three tanks (high temperature tank, low temperature tank and product tank). The high temperature tank is used to generate and store high temperature, the low temperature tank is used to generate and store low temperature, and the product tank is a space for customers to place products. . the prepThe general principle is to use the gas to expel the hot and cold temperatures of the high and low temperature tanks into the room where the product tanks are placed to complete the test.

Up and down movable thermal shock test chamberTechnical parameters:

1. Inner box size: W400mm*H500mm*D400mm (QINSUN can make according to customer's request Make devices more appropriately sized).

2. Outer box size: based on actual size.

3.Heating time: +60℃~200℃≤30min.

4. Low temperature tank pre-cooling temperature range: -75~-10℃.

6. Cooling time: +20℃~-75℃≤60min; (Note: The cooling time is the performance when the low-temperature tank is operated alone).

8. Temperature bump range: ﹙+60℃~+150℃﹚/﹙-65℃~-10℃﹚.

9. Temperature variation: ±0.5℃.

10. Temperature deviation: ±2.0℃.

12. Sample Limitations: Explosive, Combustible, Volatile Testing or storage of fabric samples Testing or storage of samples of corrosive substances.

Hot and cold temperature shock chamber | All the functions of the high and low temperature shock chamber are controlled by a computer, which is software independently developed by QINSUN. The operation and monitoring are simpler and more intuitive. The Hold function can keep the running program current state.You can temporarily change the value of this program segment.You can set the time and parameters of cold resistance and heat resistance on the screen, so that cooling, heating and temperature switching are carried out automatically according to the set value.Temperature box and High temperature box are controlled independently, and the product is placed in an independent space. In addition to cold and heat shock, it can also be used for ordinary temperature shock, making the Appending area of ​​the test box is expanded (one box for three purposes) The insulation effect of the product is good, and the test effect can be fully guaranteed.

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