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النشرة الإخبارية water-cooled xenon lamp aging test chamber

The water-cooled xenon lamp aging test chamber uses a xenon arc lamp as the light source to simulate and strengthen the weather resistance accelerated aging test equipment to quickly obtain the atmospheric aging test results and evaluate the weather resistance of materials. The weatherability test is an important means of screening formulations to optimize product composition in the process of scientific research and production, and is also an important part of product quality control. Product standards for applied materials such as coatings, plastics, aluminum-plastic panels, and automotive safety glass require weather resistance tests.

The main factors in material aging are sunlight and moisture. The weather resistance test chamber can simulate sunlight, rain and dew, the tested material is put into an alternating program for testingbrought out of light and humidity at a certain temperature and can be reproduced in a few days over several months or even years outdoors or weeks hazards occurring. Accelerated weathering test data can aid in selecting new materials, modifying existing materials, and evaluating how formulation changes affect product durability.

Test Methods for Materials

1. Black Standard Temperature or Black Panel Temperature: When choosing the following two black standard temperatures for exposure tests, refer to: 65 C±3 C Or 100°C±3 'C

Note: The higher value is intended for special tests, it may make the sample more susceptible to thermal degradation and affect the test results. The above temperature is not necessarily the test temperature to be chosen, other temperatures can be chosen if there is an agreement between the parties, but it sollte be stated in the test report that when using water spray, the temperature should be kept constant during the anhydrous period. If the thermometer does not reach the prescribed temperature, the highest temperature reached during the water-free period must be stated in the test report. Although the exposure device works alternately, the black standard thermometer measures continuously. If a black panel thermometer is used, the type of thermometer, its placement and the chosen operating temperature shall be stated in the test report.

2. Relative Humidity: The relative humidity used in the test should be agreed by the relevant parties, therefore the relative humidity measured in the test chamber is not necessarily equal to the relative humidity of the adjacent air surface of the sample.

3. Water Spray Cycle: The water spray cycle used in the test should be agreed by the relevant partiest, but it is best to choose the following water spray cycle: each water spray time: 18 MIN ± 0.5 MIN: two water sprays water-free time between: 102 MIN ± 0.5 MIN

4. Dark cycle: The conditions specified in test methods 1 and 3 are suitable for continuous light tests. A more complex cycle can be chosen for the dark cycle, for example a dark cycle with a higher relative temperature, in which the chamber temperature is increased and condensate forms. The special conditions of the dark cycle test shall be stated in the test report.


1.Product Name

Water Cooled Xenon Lamp Aging Test BoxSunshine Climate Test Box

1 , 1 model

1, 2 device volume

1, 3 inner box size

1, 4 outer dimensions are approximately



W(800)mm × H(800)mm × D(800)mm.

W(1300)mm × H(2200 )mm × T(1200)mm.

Second, parameters Performance

2, 1 test environment conditions

The ambient temperature is +5~+28°C and the relative humidity is ≤85%.

2, 2 test methods

National standard GB/T 10485, GB/T16422.1, American standard ISO 4892-2.

2, 3 xenon lamp power

Water-cooled long-arc xenon lamp, 6KW X 1.

2, 4 xenon lamp wavelength

250-2500nm (software support and display, actual wavelength and radiation intensity, please select the following four items or confirm before ordering if you have special requirements)

2.5 irradiance

0.30~0.65W/m2 (at 340nm) adjustable. 0.5~1.4W/m2 (at 420nm) adjustable.

300~650W/m2 (at 290~800nm) adjustable. 1020W/m2 (at 290~800nm) adjustable.

2, 6 irradiance setting

Computer + PID + digital power supply + stepless adjustment of the xenon lamp.

2, 7 irradiance measurement

With sun eye, fully automatic measurement and control to the irradiation value set by the user.

2, 8 filters

l Modular structure, the combination can be optimized according to the test room, and the lamp replacement is very convenient.

lAccording to the environment, you can simulate direct sunlight or window glass to let the sunlight through.

l Unless the filter is damaged, there is generally no need to replace the filter exchange .

2, 9 panel (BPT) or black mark (BST) Temperature range

(room temperature +10°C) ~ 100°C adjustable.

2, 10 temperature Accuracy


2, 11 humidity range

Exposure Cycle 10%R.H~ 70% relative humidity adjustable Dark cycle 20% rel style=margin-left: 28px; line-height: 33px;>±5.0 %R.H.

2, 13 distance from sheet center to palette

200~500mm adjustable.

2, 14 dark periods, exposure time

0~9999H adjustable.

2, 15 rain cycles

0~9999min adjustable.

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