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Salt spray test machine for electronic components

Electronic Components Salt Spray Tester It is used to test the corrosion resistance of the products on the surface of various materials after anti-corrosion treatment such as electroplating, anodizing, spraying, anti-rust oil, etc. There are four types of tests listed in The salt spray test chamber can perform: neutral salt spray test (NSS), copper accelerated acetic acid salt spray test (CASS), alternating salt spray test (non-standard), acetic acid salt spray test (ASA test). Different tests not only require different solutions to the test, sBut also the design and structure of the box may be different. Please provide the specific test requirements before ordering.

Salt spray test chamber can be referred to as alternating test, so can also be referred to as alternating salt spray test chamber, Or referred to as salt spray chamber. This equipment is used on five metals: gold, silver, copper, iron, and aluminum. After manual processing, it can be made into works of art or metal equipment for corrosion resistance testing. It is also used for Electronic Components, Electronic Parts, ScMetal materials scum and salt spray corrosion test chambers for industrial products is one of the three defenses (salt spray, damp heat, mold) test equipment for artificial climate environments. It is an important test equipment for the adaptability and possibility of various harsh environments in industries such as instrumentation.

Salt Spray Test Chamber|Alternate Salt Spray Test Chamber|Salt Spray Chamber conforms to [GB10587|6460|1771]【GB/T2423.17|10125-1997】【CNS3627|3885|4159|7669|8866]【ASTM-B117】【 ISO3768|3769|3770】【GJB150】【DIN50021-75】【JISD-0201|H-8502|H-8610|K-5400|Z-2371】and other standards.

Technical parameters of electronic components salt spray test machine:

Set according to JIS, ASTM, CNS, GB standard parameters, the size can be selected or customized according to the customer's product size.

(1) Salt Spray Test; NSS, ACSS.

Lab: 35℃±1°C. Compressed air barrel: 47°C±1°C.

II Corrosion Resistance Test: CASS.

Test room: 50℃±1℃. Compressed air barrel: 63℃±1℃.

Temperature variation: ±0.5℃; Uniform temperature degree: ±2℃.

Salt mist deposition: 0.5~2ml/80cm2 hours (default type).

Spray mode: airflow; continuous, period adjustable (default type); airflow: double pressure adjustable.

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