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النشرة الإخبارية UV Aging Test Box

UV Resistance Aging Test Chamber < /strong> To test the durability of the material, use a special sample holder to prevent the photodegradation effect caused by UVC ultraviolet rays.

Ultraviolet rays in the sun are the main factor affecting the durability of most materials. We use UV lamps to simulate the short-wave UV portion of sunlight, which produces little energy in the visible or infrared spectrum. We can choose UV lamps with different wavelengths according to different test needs, because each lamp has different total UV radiant energy and wavelength. In general, UV lamps can be divided into two types: UVA and UVB.

Ultraviolet light (UV) makes up only 5% of sunlight, but it ist the main lighting factor that causes the deterioration of outdoor products. Several different UV lamps are available and in most cases only simulated shortwave UV light is required. Most of these UV lamps produce ultraviolet light rather than visible and infrared light. Lamps differ primarily in the total UV energy they produce in their respective wavelength ranges. Different lamps lead to different test results. Actual exposure application environment can indicate what kind of UV lamp should be used.

Technical parameters of UV aging test box:

1. Temperature and humidity range Normal temperature +10~70℃; Panel Measurement Range: 45~80℃; Humidity range: ≥90% RH.

2. Temperature variation: ±3℃, resolution: 0.1℃.

3. The center distance of the lamp is 70mm (the center distance between the test product and the lamp tube: plate-shaped base frame test plate (adjustable up and down).

4. The brand and model of the lamps are ATLAS Original UVA-340 (315-400nm), UVB-313 (280-315nm) (optional) and the standard default configuration is 8 340 lamps. If you need 313 bulbs, please explain before ordering.

5. RadiationLight intensity can be adjusted within 1.0W/m2 (can be output according to the adjusted light intensity).

6. Temperature control method PID self-tuning temperature control method.

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