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النشرة الإخبارية Programmable Sealed Dustproof Dust Tester

Programmable Sealed Dustproof Dust TesterMainly use the artificial simulation of a sand and dust environment to test the dustproofness of the test product Advanced Test equipment can provide not only non-laminar dust-carrying vertical airflow, but also bottom-up floating dust-carrying state, and the dust can be recycled in the test chamber; the front end of the appliance door has an observation window, and with a duster.

Programmable Sealed Dustproof Dust Tester:

Design Principle:

Design a conical hopper with a dust collection port and a dust extraction port at the bottom. A High-pressure turbine circulation fan is installed at the dust extraction port toto move the pumped dust up into the inner box, and then the dust is blown vertically and naturally from top to bottom. When the dust falls on the side wall of the hopper, the dust is recovered by the vibration device to the suction port, and the cycle starts again .


1. Inner box material: stainless steel plate sus201

2. Outer carton material: stainless steel or A3 carton spray powder

3. There is a large viewing window on the door

4. Air duct design ensures the box creates non-stratified vertical airflow

Technical Parameters:

1 The nominal wire diameter of the braid is 50 µm

2. The nominal line spacing is 75 µm

3. The dust concentration in the box and in the pipe is 2 kg/m³

4. Air speed: no more than 2m/s

5. Dosage: 2kg/m³

6. With vacuum function: -100kpa (vacuum system: pressure control valve, suction nozzle, pressure control three-piece, connecting pipe, vacuum pump)

The degree of vacuum is adjustable, how long to pump and how long to stop , the specific degree of vacuum is determined by the time of pumping and stopping

7. In the device box dust drying temperature: normal temperature up to +60 degrees

Control system:

1 PLC and touch screen -Intelligence control system

2. PT100 test sensor

3. Security guard

4. Meter over temperature protection function

5. Power Phase Loss Protection

6. RCD

7. Power Supply: AC380V 50Hz

8. Door: Tempered glass door

9. Vacuum pump 60-600L/H

10. Customization Three-piece set of pressure valve, suction nozzle and pressure regulator

Control: Programmable control (this control has a variety of arbitrary settings Control works as follows)

a. Dust blowing time (stop, blow) h/m/s adjustable

b .Cycle cycle: freely adjustable

c. Preset test time: 0s~999h99m99s freely adjustable

d. Switched on: off-on-off

Metal shield size: nominal wire diameter 50 µm, nominal distance between lines75 µm

Hair dryer: solid plastic heart fan

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