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النشرة الإخبارية Non-standard cold and hot cycle impact test chamber

Non-standard heat and cold shock test chamber is used for LED products, LED accessories, LED display, LED lamp, LED lighting, LED display control provided Led related products such as appliances, filled light bulbs, high power LED lamp beads, LED electronic screens, etc. carry out environmental simulation tests.

Through the cold and hot cycle shock test, one can judge whether the performance of the product is still Meet the specified standard requirements to facilitate the improvement, design, evaluation and factory inspection of LED products The working principle of the special cold and heat shock test box for LED uses low-temperature and high-temperature storage tanks for cold and heat storage and opens the appropriate valves according to the needs of the action.

Rascher TeTemperature shock effect in the box, balance temperature control system (BTC) + special design The positive pressure air supply circulation system controls the SSR by P.I.D., so the heating amount of the system is equal to the heat loss, so it can be used stably for a long time.

The main technical parameters of the non-standard cold and hot cycle impact test chamber:

1. Inner box size: 600*500*500mm (W*H*D) (You can call QINSUN to customize larger or smaller sizes).

2. External dimensions: 1830*1950*1550 mm (W*H*D) (in general, a small deviation in the external dimensions is normal).

3. The temperature setting range of the test chamber: -65℃ ~ +150℃.

4. Temperature setting range of high temperature box: +65℃~200℃.

5. The temperature settingSetting range of low temperature box: -10℃~-75℃.

6. Cooling time: +20℃~-75℃≤60min.

(Note: the cooling time is the performance when the low temperature room runs aloneNon-Impact Time)

Testing method: During the test, the object to be tested is placed in the test box quietly, and the temperature is regulated according to the test conditions, and according to the requirements of cold and heat shock, the controller indicators drive the hot and cold temperatures through the gas to meet the alternating shock test conditions to complete.

Temperature variation: ±0.5℃.

9. Temperature Uniformity: ±2.0℃.

(According to measurement specification: measure SENSOR placement point, 1/10 of inside dimension of inner box wall).

10. Shock recovery time: about 3~5 minutes at -55℃~150℃.

11. The moving time of the test chamber hot and cold temperature transformation: ≦10 seconds.

12. The constant temperature of the high and low temperature impact is 30 minutes each.

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