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Walk-in large humidity and heat test chamber

Walk-In Large Damp Heat Test Chamber It is an important test equipment for various manufacturers to improve the product quality and competitiveness. These devices are widely used in power electronics, computers, communications, batteries and used in other areas.

Walk-In Large Moist Heat Test Chamber|High Temperature Constant Temperature Laboratory|High Temperature Constant Temperature Aging Chamber The parameters are as follows:

1. Temperature range RT~85℃ (higher or lower temperature can be customized by call).

2. Meet the standard temperature test equipment GB/T 5170.2 -2008preparation; GB/T2423.2-2008 (IEC60068-2-2:2007) high temperature test method Bb; GJB150.3-1986 high temperature test; GJB150.3 (ML-STD0-810D) High Temperature Test Method; GJB360. 8-87 (MIL-STD-202f) High Temperature Life Test.

3 an ambient temperature of 25°C and less echo; a weight is used to test the mean of 8 points; each test point is 1 meter horizontally from the noise source and 1 meter above the ground).

4. Temperature variation: Temperature: ≤±0.5℃ (refers to the controller set value and the controller difference measured value).

5. Temperature uniformity degree: Temperature: ≤±5℃ (Uniformity is the arithmetic mean of the difference between the measured high and low temperature in each idle test).

6. Temperature heating time: approx. 3°C/min.

8. Air conditioning duct fan, Hheater, evaporator, flap, temperature sensor.

9. Standard configuration of the laboratory body 8.3.1 lead hole (optional): 1 can be multiple ;φ50mm or φ100mm is on the side of the box (if necessary, please explain when place the order).

11. Install 4 sets of indoor moisture-proof and explosion-proof lamps to illuminate the entire test room and see the test status.

13. Circulation fans.

Exposed to high temperature/ambient temperature.

Centrifugal fan circulation.

14 control system design and security protection measures.

15. Integrated control system aging function design. Control cabinet, aging time, design function control temperature, All kinds of operation switches can be operated on a control cabinet; the cabinet panel is beautifully designed and easy to operate.

16. The aging process can be controlled automatically, with some abnormal self-handling functions, making the operation automatic and easy.

a. Electric heater prevents dry burn and turns off automatically if the fan fails or the temperature in the air duct is too high. Turn the system off and on again while the siren sounds.

b. Electric heater and fan connection design, when the fan does not start, the heater cannot be started independently, and when it is turned off, the electric heater and circulation fan are turned off at the same time to prevent the electric heater is damaged by dry firing.

c. High temperature wire, 300 ° C does not burn.

d. Install explosion- safe indoor lighting to extend bulb life and prevent bulb rupture.

e. The storage body is made of flame-retardant insulation material, which has good thermal insulation performance and high safety factorst.

f. Function: If during the aging process, if there is an over-temperature condition, the red light will turn on and the buzzer will sound.

18. Constant temperature system: The constant temperature system consists of a circulation fan, an over-temperature exhaust fan and a heater.

19. Heating system: The heating part uses nickel-chromium alloy electric heater (fin plate), With PID control, after reaching the temperature required by the product, the outside temperature is sucked through the circulating air duct through the electric blind , so the temperature of the load is not mcan be heated more, and the indoor temperature will be stabilized at the set temperature value, when the temperature is exceeded, the warm indoor air will be exhausted by the exhaust fan, and the outdoor ambient temperature will be sucked in by the electric blind through the recirculation duct, so that the indoor temperature will be at the set temperature Temperature stabilized.

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