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النشرة الإخبارية Chongqing high and low temperature test equipment

Chongqing high and low temperature test equipment is used for constant temperature test, experiment or test of industrial products, widely used in aerospace, defense industry, Auto parts, plastic chemical industry, optical fiber, precision inductor, crystal, PCB, LED, LCD electronic components, food industry, pharmaceutical industry, semiconductor computer peripheral components and related product research and development, quality management engineering test specifications.

The offer must be based on the requirements and technical parameters provided by the customer to confirm the model before evaluating the total price of the cost and profit, so that the majority of customers want to know the specific offer of the equipment. Please tell the supplier the temperature range, size (width, height, depth) of the test chamberconstant temperature and humidity. Otherwise, the quote obtained may be an incorrect report or an incorrect report.

Technical parameters of Chongqing high and low temperature tester:

Model: LQ-TH-80/LQ-TH-150/LQ-TH-225/LQ-TH-408/LQ-TH-800/LQ-TH-1000

Inner box size (W×H×D) cm: 80L: 40×50×40; 150L: 50×60×50; 225L: 50 × 75 × 60; 408L: 60×85×80; 800L: 100×100×80; 1000L: 100×100×100; Remarks for non-standard sizes, please contact QINSUN for non-standard customization.

Approximate dimensions (W×H×D) cm: 80L: 93×131×81, 150L: 103×141×91, 225L: 108×162×112.408 L: 117×172×132, 800L: 160×187×132, 1000L: 150×195×165; Note: Please refer to the actual size for dhe dimensions of non-standard equipment.

Volume (L): 80L, 150L, ​​​​225L, 408L, :800L, 1000 types can be selected if you don't know the size you should choose Please use your own test object. Inform the QINSUN manufacturer of the size, and the seller will help you to recommend and use the suitable model and size.

Temperature range: 0℃, -20℃, -40℃, -70℃~150℃.

Temperature distribution uniformity: ±2℃.

Temperature stability: ±0.5℃.

Program control: 120 groups with 1200 segment programming, 999 cycle settings and multiple sets of PID control functions with RS-232 computer interface control (can also be customized as USB Interface).

The humidification system is surface evaporative and the additionalHumidifier is protected against water shortage, power failure and overheating.

Dehumidification system: Dehumidification method by freezing latent heat.

Cooling System: Above -20℃, fully closed air-cooled disposable cooling system is used, and below -40℃, binary fully closed air-cooled cooling system is used.

Water supply system: built-in pure water generating device, without manual water addition, can draw water directly, and a water shortage warning device is attached.

Inner and outer box material: SUS#304, you can choose all stainless steel material or outer box color.

Insulation material: polyurethane foam rigid foam insulation, energy-saving, no gaps after filling, strong bond after curing.

Safety devices: over temperature, Strom failure, no fuse switch, compressor overload, cold coal high, circuit breaker, temperature limit protection and fault alarm device.

QINSUN standard equipment: glass window with automatic demisting, two partitions that can be adjusted up and down, inspection hole, working interior light and moving wheels.

Power supply: AC220V/380V±10%, 50/60Hz (depending on the performance of the high temperature and high humidity test chamber | high temperature and high humidity cycle testing machine, such as Please at specify order).

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