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النشرة الإخبارية UV Lamp Humidity and Heat Resistance Test Chamber

UV Lamp Humidity and Heat Resistance Test Chamber is a device that mainly uses light for aging, so it can also be used as a light-ultraviolet aging test box be designated. Including 2 types: UV-A wavelength is 315nm-380nm, UV-B wavelength is 280nm-315nm.

Main parameters of the UV lamp humidity and heat resistance test chamber:

The size of the test area is 450 * 1170 * 500mm (standard test piece 75*150mm, non-standard size can be customized).

Inner tank material SUS304 stainless steel; Body material SUS304 stainless steel or SUS304 stainless steel color.

Temperature range is RT+10~70℃.

Humidity range ≥95% relative humidity.

The distance between the centers of the tubes is 75mm.

The distance between the test object and the lamp tube is 50mm.

The wavelength range of the UV lamp is between 280 and 315 nm.

US original Atlas lamps, 8 UVA340 or UVB313 ultraviolet lamps are optional, and the service life is about 1600-2500 hours.

Controller: QINSUN UV Weatherability Tester | Light UV aging test chamber uses programmable 7-inch True color touch screen controller (QTEST) from Taiwan, programmable microcomputer temperature controller: 7 man-machine interface (screen talk type) with Chinese and English true color touch screen, computer control, USB curve recording, data storage device Large screen with vivid color screen: USB communication interface can for backup/historic curve/historical databe provided, easy to use; optional RS232 communication interface, RS485 interface, can be freely controlled by PC and monitoring, with program correction, delete, reservation, start, power failure, memory, key lock, etc. function;

Dongguan QINSUN Detection Instrument Co.,Ltd. is a UV tester|UV detection instrument manufacturer. In addition to the above simple parameters, we have more detailed quotations plans and technical specifications are available to everyone free of charge. There are also standard and non-standard specifications for you to choose from can Standard means products that can be sliced ​​are acceptable for use and non-standard means products that cannot be sliced ​​are acceptable for use. For more information For more information, please contact the business department or leaveSend a message for a consultation

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