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النشرة الإخبارية High Frequency Sine Wave Vibration Table

High frequency sine wave vibration table is widely used in national defense, aviation, communications, electronics, automotive, home appliances and other industries. It is used to find early failures, simulate actual working conditions evaluation and structural strength testing. The product has a wide range of applications, wide scope, good testing effect and reliability. Sine wave, frequency modulation, frequency sweep, timing.

Technical parameters of high-frequency sine vibration table:

Test load: 50 kg;

Vibration direction: vertical;

Mesa size (mm): 500*500;

Amplitude (P-P): 0-5mm (random, changes with frequency, can be adjusted ) ;

Sweep frequency: 5- -200HZ can be set arbitrarily (true standard frequency sweep back and forth) ;

Acceleration: 10g ;

Displaygefunktion: frequency modulation, frequency sweep, time;

Precision: frequency can be displayed up to 0.1Hz, accuracy 0.1Hz;

Frequency multiplier (0.1Hz): 8-segment multiplication ① Low to high frequency ②high to low frequency ③low to

high to low frequency/recyclable;

Logarithmic power (0.1Hz): ①down to upper frequency ②up to down frequency ③ from down to up and down to down frequency - 3 types

Logarithmic/Recyclable mode;

Vibration waveform: Sine wave;

Timing control: Time can be set

Power: 1.2KW ;


1. Intuitive control, simple operation, fixed frequency, sweep frequency switchable at any time,


2. It has timekeeping and countdown display functions;

3. The touch controller is easy to use and solves the shortcomings of the inconvenience of operating digital displays;

4. The control parameters become synchronousdisplayed in real time without manual intervention;

5. The vibration-proof device is adopted, which is convenient for installation and stable operation, and no need to install anchor bolts;

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6. Embedded amplitude prediction program and simple amplitude modulation;


7. Four-point synchronous excitation, smooth table vibration;

8. No level adjustment amplitude, fixed frequency and sweep operation functions, to meet the various needs of different industries;

9. Increase the anti-interference circuit to solve the control circuit interference due to strong electromagnetic fields;

10. Waveform display function, you can check the frequency waveform changes at any time;

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