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النشرة الإخبارية minus 70 degrees Celsius laboratory

minus 70 degrees Celsius laboratory suitable for aerospace products , information, electronic instruments and meters, electrical, electronic products, materials, various industrial products or electronic components are tested for their various performance indicators under constant temperature at high and low temperature or humid heat and constant humidity.

minus 70 degrees Celsius laboratory Performance parameters:

1 Temperature control range: A: 0~80℃ (100℃), B: -20~+80℃ (100 ℃), C: -40~+80℃ (100℃), D: -70~+80℃ (100°C)

2. Heating rate: RT+10°C→+80°C ≤30min (Non-linear idle )

3. Cooling rate: +20°C→-70°C ≤100 min (non-linear no-load)

※ The temperature change rate is the air temperature change rate, not the product temperature change rate

4. Temperature control fluctuation: ±0.5℃. 5. UniformTemperature control accuracy: ±2.0℃.

General troubleshooting

1. When the temperature change does not reach the test temperature value in the high temperature control test, you can check the electrical system and troubleshoot one by one. If the temperature rises very slowly, check the airflow system to see if the airflow control damper is open normally, otherwise check if the airflow motor is running normally. If the temperature overshoot is strong, the PID adjustment parameters need to be adjusted. If the temperature rises directly, the over-temperature protection means that the controller is defective and the control instrument needs to be replaced.

2. When the low temperature refailed to reach the test index, you need to observe the temperature change, whether the temperature drops very slowly, or the temperature tends to rise after reaching a certain value, the former should be checked whether to dry the chamber before the low-temperature test to dry the chamber to hold before the test sample in the

Do the test again in the studio If the test samples in the studio are too far are placed so that the wind cannot fully circulate in the studio It is necessary to check if there is a fault in the cooling system, so it is necessary to entrust the manufacturer's specialist staff with the overhaul. The latter phenomenon is caused by the poor operating environment of the device. The ambient temperature and the location of the device (the distance between the back of the case and the wall) must meet the requirements (thisspecified in the user manualg of the device). 3. If an error suddenly occurs during test operation in the laboratory, the corresponding error screen will appear on the control panel and an audible alarm will sound. The operator can quickly check what kind of error it belongs to in the troubleshooting chapter of the operation and use of the device, and then ask professionals to quickly troubleshoot to ensure the normal progress of the test.

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