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النشرة الإخبارية A small constant temperature and humidity chamber with a humidity of 23 degrees and

A small constant temperature and humidity chamber at 23 degrees and 50 degrees humidity It is used for testing used, so it is also called high and low temperature temperature control test chamber. They are mainly used for temperature control. The controllable temperature range is A class: 0℃~150℃; 150ºC; Class C: -40°C to 150°C Class D: -70°C to 150°C The lower the temperature range, the higher the cost of the manufacturer, so it is recommended to choose the appropriate range as they are all within thing area The temperaturecan be set arbitrarily or programmed temperature control test. Widely used in communications, home appliances, furniture, automobiles, machinery and other fields.


Small constant temperature and humidity box with 23 degrees and 50 degrees humidity box structure.

1, internal size: W*H*D 400×500×500mm (larger or smaller) can be selected or adjusted).

2.Outside dimensions: 950mm x 1600mm x 950mm (suitable design can be made according to customer's installation location).

3. Inner box material: mirror stainless steel plate (SUS#304).

4. Outer packaging material: painted steel sheet or stainless steel plate (SUS #304).

5. Cooling system frame material: National standard angle iron + NA U-steelnational standard + stainless steel plate with special texture treatment (SUS#304 ).

6. Insulation material: rigid polyurethane foam + glass wool.

7. Heater: Ribbed radiator, tubular stainless steel electric heater.

8.Airflow system:

1 a.90W motor.

extend b.axis.

c. Pinwheel with multiple blades.

e. Specially adjustable 100-page air intake circulation system.

9. Box door: one-piece door, left open, handle on the right.

a. The window is 450×300×40㎜ with three vacuum levels.

b .embedded none Reactive Flat Handle.


Technical features:

1. Intelligent automatic energy adjustment technology, hierarchical cooling capacity controlung, selection of French Taikang compressors, the energy saving effect is Ming Xuan.

2, sophisticated control technology, dynamic PID+balanced temperature control, very small temperature fluctuation.

3. Friendly man-machine interface, set and display temperature value directly.

4. Large-capacity program presets, users can write applications freely.

5, Timing The on and off functions ensure the temperature and humidity accuracy of the device.

6. Perfect data backup, suitable for long-term continuous work.

7. Rich and colorful program settings can be used for any form of complex experiments.

8 The Sensorsegment correction function ensures that the temperature of the device is accurate to the degree.

9. Lock function to prevent artificial changes to the set parameters.

10. Program waiting function, starts timing when the temperature and humidity reach the set range to ensure the reliability of the test.

11. Function to control the temperature slope, the speed of temperature rise and falllls is controllable.

12, Chinese and English user interface is optional.

13. Software temperature protection function, when the measured temperature exceeds a certain value of the set temperature, turn off the heater and add circuitry.

14. Error display function, when the device fails, it will display the error code, which is convenient to find and process the point of failure quickly.

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