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النشرة الإخبارية 40 cubic room with constant temperature and humidity

40 cubic spaces with constant temperature and humidity are often used used in large or large number of electronics, optoelectronics, electrical appliances, automobile , LED lights, rubber, Photovoltaics, plastics, semiconductors, industrial products such as aerospace technology and communication devices are tested for low temperature resistance. To assess whether the parameters such as reliability and stability of the tested product are qualified.

40 cubic space with constant temperature and humidity simple parameters :

Temperature and humidity control method: Balanced temperature and humidity control method ( BTHC ) Intelligent PID adjustment (equipped with Korean or Japanese full-touch controller, which can be switched between Chinese and English ) background-color :=>System: Balanced temperature adjustment and debugging system

Customization is optional Temperature range: A: 0°C~80°C (100°C); B: -20°C~80°C (100°C); C: -40°C~80°C (100℃);-60℃~80℃(100℃)℃);-70℃~~80℃(100℃);

Custom volume size can be selected: width, height and depth can be determined at will by the user, and the volume is obtained from the dimensions of width, height and depth. There are 2 to 100 cubic meters to choose from.

Humidity range: 20%-95%R.H (Humidification function is required, you don't need it, or you can use the high and low temperature test function without Perform humidification if you wish background-color: =>Uniformity in temperature and humidity chamber: ±2℃;±4.0% RH

Temperature and humidity control accuracy: ±0.2℃;±2.5%RH

Temperature variation: ±0.5℃

Controller Analysis Accuracy: 0.01%℃;±1%RH 20℃ to 100℃ (Within 60 minutes)

Cooling rate: 20°C to -70°C, -60°C, -40°C, -20° C, 0°C (within 100 or 90 or60 or 40 or 30 minutes)

Inner body material: SUS304 stainless steel

shell material: plastic steel plate

Insulation material: ultrafine glass wool + polyurethane foam

Refrigeration method: mechanical binary refrigeration method

Refrigerator: hermetic ( French Taikang or German Copeland) Compressor

Refrigerant: R404A

Condensation method: air-cooled or water-cooled

safety configuration: no-fuse circuit breaker, compressor overpressure, overheat, overheat current protection, fan overload protection, dry heating protection, water shortage protection;

Default configuration: 1 thermal insulation peeling observation window, 1 lead hole line, 1 lighting set, indicator light;

Humidity of working environment: 5℃-+35℃; Power supply: AC380±10% 50HZ three-phase, four-wire + protective earth. Also, prepare a water source interface because water is used for humidity.

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