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High light intensity UV aging box

High-intensity UV aging boxThe function generally has only a single UV UV light function, and the inner box is equipped with 4 imported American Atlas lamps as a standard, it is generally suitable for indoor products to carry out photoaging test. If outdoor products are not only subjected to photoaging, but also combined with spraying to simulate rainy weather and condensation to simulate humidified climate to carry out comprehensive climate aging Test, three functions The shell structure of the test box is not small, it needs to be equipped with 8 lamps and two other systems as standard, so the whole machine is much higher, they are all suitable for plastic anti-aging test, so you will often called plastic anti-aging tests. Whether it is plastic products or other colored products prone to aging, you canbuy this kind of test equipment and do accelerated aging test again. Regardless of the function, volume and other needs, you can contact QINSUN for customization.

High Light Intensity UV aging boxTechnical parameters :

Studio size: 1140mm × 400mm × 380mm

Dimensions: 1300mm × 500mm × 760mm

Light distance: 70 mm

Wavelength range: The UV-A wavelength range is 315 to 400 nm

The distance between the test piece and the nearly parallel surface of the lamp surface: about 50mm

Radiation intensity within 1W/m2/340nm

Temperature resolutiong: 0.01℃

Condensing temperature range: 40℃~60℃/temperature tolerance is ±3℃

Lighting temperature range: 50℃~70℃/Temperature tolerance is ±3℃

Blackboard thermometer measurement range: 30~80℃/Tolerance is ±1℃< /p>

Temperature control method: PID Automatically set the temperature control method

Humidity range: about 45% ~ 70% relative Humidity

Sink requirements: the water depth is not greater than 50mm, and there is automatic water supply control

Shenzhen UV UV aging test box meets the standard:

GB/ T14552-2008 National Standard of the People's Republic of China - Plastics, Coating and rubber materials for mechanical industry products – artificial climate accelntes test method” means a fluorescent UV light/condensation test method.

GB/T16422.3-1997 GB/T16585-96 correlation analysis method.

GB/T16585-1996 National Standard of the People's Republic of China - Test method for artificial weathering of vulcanized rubber (UV fluorescent lamp).

GB/T16422.3-1997 Plastic Laboratory Light Source Exposure Test Method and other relevant standard terms for design and manufacturing standards.

Conforms to international test standards: ASTM D4329, ISO 4892-3, ISO 11507, SAE J2020 and other current UV aging test standards.

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