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UV durability testers

Ultraviolet Durability Test Equipment is an anti-aging tool, the artificial , special functional lamps used to simulate outdoor UV rays to detect industrial colored materials or products. The short-wave UV used is shorter than the UV light waves are more intense. Although these UV lights are much shorter than the natural wavelength, they can greatly speed up the test to provide a basis for improving material formulation and product performance to create.By artificially reproducing the environmental conditions of UV rays, high temperature, high humidity, condensation, rain and other environmental conditions in natural climates, the aging resistance of products is tested By simulatingnatural sunlight UV radiation, and then through the humidification system to simulate the function of condensation stagnation, and simulate the rainy weather by spraying to do the accelerated weather resistance test on the material to get the results of the material's weather resistance.

UV resistance testerProduction standard:

GB/T14522-93 Plastic, Coating, and Rubber Materials Used in Machinery Industry Products—Artificial Climate Accelerated Test Method

GB/T16585-1996 Artificial weathering of vulcanized rubber (UV-Fluorinescene lamp) test method

GB/T16422.3-1997 Plastic Laboratory Light Source Exposure Test Method etc.

Technical indicators:

2.Lamp indicators: Use American Atlas brand light source: UVA340/UVB313 (the lamp model is optional, and the standard UVB340 is,because it's closer to the actual outdoor wavelength).

3. Important indicators of structural design: the distance between the center of the lamp tube: 70mm, the distance between the sample and the lamp tube: about 50mm, the size of the standard test area: 1170 × 450 × 500 (width × depth × height) mm , and the design of non-standard specialist shelves can also be customized .

Device Capabilities:

1. Operating mode: program mode, fixed value mode

2. Setting method: Chinese menu, touch screen input

3. UI language type: Chinese/English

4. Program editing: 120 program groups can be edited, each program can be edited with 100 segments, and cycle mode can be edited set;

5. Lighting and condensation can be controlled independently and alternately.

6. ControlThe recording time can be set arbitrarily within 1000 hours.

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