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النشرة الإخبارية Qingdao triaxial vibration test bench

Qingdao three-axis vibration test benchWidely used in auto parts and instruments in the process of product design , research and development, and manufacturing in various Industries such as instruments and toys, simulate the collision and vibration of products during transportation and use, and test the actual working conditions and structural strength of products.

LQ-100MTP triaxial (X.Y.Z) all-in-one machine|Qingdao Triaxial Vibration Test BenchAll functions: [ LQ-100MTP: (sine wave: 0.5~600Hz) [triaxial (X.Y.Z) all-in-one -machine] [three-axis (simultaneous, individual) vibration on the same table]

1:【Model】[LQ-100MTP][Sine wave 0.5~600Hz][Triaxial (X.Y.Z) all-in-one machine ][Triaxial (top, bottom, left and right, front and back) (simultaneous, individual) vibration on same table]

2:【Frequency】[0.5HZ ~ 600HZ] [0.50HZ ~ 600.00HZ (Precision: 0.01HZ) can be adjusted within this range]

3: [Control mode] [Full-function default control] [(Control mode and body of the vibration table) shall not be integrated and vibrate together] [Frequency modulation / sweep / programmable / multiplier / logarithmic / circular] [half wave/full wave/amplitude/maximum acceleration/excitation force/timing/constant acceleration/constant amplitude]

4: [vibration direction] [(vertical.horizontal) all-in-one machine][1 table body: three -axis (X.Y.Z) all-in-one machine][three-axis (top, bottom, left and right, front and back) (simultaneous, individual) vibration on the same table]

5: [Vibration mode ] [control box + 1 platform] [control box + 1 platform] [three-axis (X.Y.Z) integrated machine] [three-axis on the same table (up and down, left and right, front and back) (simultaneously. single) vibration]

6:【Vibration Waveform】[Sine Wave][Sine Wave - optional (Half Wave or Full Wave)], [can be divided into three groups (simultaneously. Single) (Half Wave or Full Wave)]< /p>

7:【Vibration frequency】[0.50HZ~600.00HZ][International vibration table: Calculation formula (1g=9.8m/s2)][Acceleration (unit g)=0.002*f2 (frequency unit HZ )*D(amplitude unit mmp-p)]

8:【Loading】[ 0~100kg][0~100kg (0~30HZ can do it) amplitude 0~3.5mm/(60HZ~600HZ can do it) Acceleration 0~15g, not allowed to ship with this model]

0~50kg (0~ 30HZ can do it) Amplitude: 0~3.5mm/(60HZ~ 600HZ can do it) Acceleration: 0~15g, (same price as 100kg)]

[□0~150kg (0~30HZ can do it) Amplitude: 0~3mm/(60HZ~600HZ can do it) Acceleration: 0~12g, (same price like 100kg)]

9:【Mesa】[Test/Jibel/Fixture hole][Mesa: with test hole/Tape hole/Pressing Fixture hole and packaging bracket frame hole (through hole and screw hole)/blue or self-determined color ]

10 : [table size] [100*100cm] [same table [three-axis (X.Y.Z)] all-in-one machine 100*55*100cm] table: 1000*(6 -8) * 1000 mm Bottom: 100 * 100 cm]

[Lower and more stable (every 1 male lesspoints stablel 0.5%)][the current level of our company is low in the market][(Z11 grade silicon/200 grade copper wire) central axis]

[Really solve the electromagnetic (0~30HZ can do) amplitude 0~3.5 mm / (60HZ~600HZ can do) acceleration 0~15g unaffected technology]

11:【Amplitude】[0-3.5mm(p-p)][can be adjusted arbitrarily (real )] [Frequency: 0.5~30HZ is mainly based on amplitude, (real range ) can reach 3.5 mm: no collision is allowed]

12: [Acceleration] [0 ~ 15g] [0 ~ 15g (0-150m/s2) can be set arbitrarily] [Frequency: 60~600HZ mainly depends on the achievable acceleration, (really can reach)Do 15g]

13:【Sine wave excitation power】[1500kgf][ ■ F: 100kg*15g=1500kgf (shipping with this model not confirmed)] [Thrust F=Weight*Acceleration)]

[□F: 50kg*15g=750kgf (same price as 100kg)]

[□F: 150kg*12g=1800kgf (same price as 100kg)]

14:【Time Control】[0 seconds ~ 135 years] [0 seconds ~ 135 years (in seconds): total executable time: number of cycles (adjustable to 65500 times * 65000 seconds = 50,000 days) (approx. 135 years)]

15:【Mains voltage】[AC:220V][AC:220V±20%/(50/60Hz)] [Yes: Anti-leakage / Anti-flash / Anti-misoperation / anti-high-order harmonics, etc., draft circuit]

16:【Current】[15(A)] [Yes: Malfunction/Collision/Overcurrent/Recovery Safety/Leakage Protection/Lightning Protection/Maloperation Protection/Third Harmonic/Over Voltage, etc., Design Circuit]

17:【Power of vibration machine】[3.3 KW][(control box and platform body) can withstand high temperature and high humidity, anti-bath collision current 8-15A, can exceed 10 minutes, automatically activate the protection circuit]

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