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النشرة الإخبارية Qingdao Sand Dust Test Chamber

Qingdao Sand and Dust Test Chamber Also known as dustproof test box, dustproof box, sand dust test box, sand staub test box, etc., it is a destructive test, which can simulate the fine sand or dust in the real environment on industrial machinery or industrial products in advance, and also to prevent related machinery or products from causing damage in practical applications. Mass destruction leads to immediate and significant economic losses.

Qingdao sand dust test boxTechnical parameters:

1. Inner box size: 800mm * 800mm * 800mm (width * height * depth) may vary from standard customized size

2. Temperature range: RT+10~60℃

3. Nominal wire diameter of metal mesh: 50 μm Space: normal; -webkit-tap-highlight-color: transparent; Appearance: none; Font family: Microsoft Yahei !important;>4 、 Wind speed: ≥7.5 m/s

5. Vibration time: 0-999 hours adjustable

6. Total test time: 0-999 hours adjustable

7. Time accuracyit: ±1 minute

8, relative humidity: 45%~75% (cannot be displayed)

9. Default spacing between lines: 75um

10, dosage of Hua stone powder: 2~4kg/m

11、 Metal Mesh Wire Diameter: 75~100μm

12, cycle (intermittent control) adjustable

13, Hua stone powder dosage: 2kg~4kg/m3

Sand Dust Control System

1. QINSUN chooses Korean original touch programmable controller for customers

2. Parameter setting is simple, no need to enter the program menu, you can directly enter the parameter menu to change

3. You can control the total time of the test, the interval time, and the period

4. The temperature adopts the RKCDC temperature controller, which can be set to RT+5~60℃ to prevent the test dust in the box from being affected by the humidity in the air and getting wet

5. The test tank and control cabinet are integrated, with rollers installed in the lower part, and other systems are hidden, beautiful and generous.

Structure, material and features:

1. The inner material of the dust test chamber is made of SUS304 stainless steel

2. The outer box of the dust test chamber is made of cold-rolled electrostatic spraying plates (referred to as baking paint)

3. the motor is made of special stainless steel shell, which has strong sealing performance, low noise and high wind speed.

4. There is an observation window on the box door , you can observe the state of the pattern in the box when it stops

5. The inner shell of the box is funnel-shaped, and the vibration duration is adjustable, the dust will fly and fall freely, collecting near the blowhole.

Safety Guard:

1. The dust box is equipped with an ultra-high temperature protection device to prevent the temperature control from affecting the test and causing danger.

2. The default is a 220V single box power supply. If a three-phase power supply is installed, it has three-phase underphase and phase sequence protection to preventthat the fan works backwards.

3. A time accumulator is installed to prevent accidental interruption of the test, and the sand and dust time limit can be known at any time without knowing the time of the interruption point.

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