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Thermal shock test chamber Shenzhen

QINSUN cold and heat shock test chamberIt is wire, photoelectric switch, LED, metal, lighting, plastic, rubber, communication. Electronics and other products or thermal shock devices in the materials industry used for testingThe structure of materials or composite materials used in a short time, the test sample can be tested in a short time after being exposed to a continuous environment of high temperature and extremely low cold Chemical changes or physical damage caused by thermal expansion and contraction. It is widely used in industries such as electronic and electrical finished products or components, auto parts, automation parts, plastics, metals, optoelectronics, photovoltaics, and polymer materials to test their resistance to repeated cold and hot temperatures and products in thermal expansion and contraction such as chemical Changes or physical damageConfirm product quality and improve product quality. This unit can be controlled by the actual temperature setting or the program. It adopts the popular refrigeration control mode, which increases the refrigeration capacity of the compressorcan adjust automatically. Compared to the traditional heating balance temperature control mode, it reduces energy consumption by 30%.

Shenzhen Thermal Shock Test Chamber< /strong>Execution and Compliance Standards

GJB150.5-86 Thermal Shock Test

●GJB360. 7-87 Thermal Shock Test

GJB367. 2-87 Temperature Shock Test

●QC /T17-92, EIA364- -32, IEC68-2-14 etc.

Main parameters:

1. The test temperature range can be selected: A:- 40~ 150℃; B: -55~ 150℃; C: -65~ 150℃

2. High temperature room: preheating temperature range, RT 20℃~200℃ heating time: 20℃~ 200℃about 30min

3. Low temperature room: Pre-cooling temperature range, RT~-80℃ Cooling time: 20℃~-80℃ about 80min

4. Laboratory Impact: Temperature Uniformity ±2.0℃

5. Internal and external materials: The inner box is made of SUS 304# stainless steel plate with matte treatment, and the outer box is made of cold-rolledSteel or Stainless Steel

6. Thermal insulation material: high-temperature resistant high-density insulation foam material

7. Controller: Large LED color touch man-machine interface controller or single-display LED touch man-machine interface controller.

8. Compressor: water-cooled cascade type, fully enclosed European and American French Taikang or German Bitzer semi-Hermetic Type Compressor Set

9. Refrigerant: R404 eco-friendly refrigerant

10, Model Size: (In addition to the following standard sizes, our company can also customize non-standard sizes for everyone)

LQ-TS -50A/B/C inside box size: 350 × 350 × 400 outside box size: 1560 × 1750 × 1440

LQ-TS-80A/B/C Inner box size: 500×400×400 Outer box size: 1700×1800×1440

LQ-TS-100A/B/C inner box size: 600×400×400 outer box size: 1800×1800×1440

LQ-TS-150A/B/C inner box size: 600×500×500 outer box size: 1800×1900×1540

LQ -TS- 250A/B/C Inner box size: 700×600×600 Outer box size: 1900×2000×1640

LQ-TS-480A/B /C Inner box size: 800×800×750 Outer box size: 2020×2250×2150

11th rate : ≤5℃/min; (full average)

12. Cooling rate: ≤5℃/min; average)

13. Lower limit temperature of pre-cooling: ≤-50℃;

14. Impact recovery time: high temperature (80°C) impact for 30 minutes, low temperature (-40°C) impact for 30 minutes; impact recovery time: within 5 minutes .

15. Power supply: 3∮5W AC380±10% 50/60HZ

16. Necessary safety protection devices: over-pressure, over-heat and dry-burn protection without fuse overload protection, compressor over-heat, over-current and over-temperature alarm system in the box.

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