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Aging test chamber for xenon arc lamps

Xenon Arc Lamp Aging Test Chamber is a screening formula optimization in the process of scientific research and production. An important means of industrial product composition, and also an important content of product quality testing and inspection Applied materials such as aluminum plastic panels, coatings, plastics, paints and automotive safety glass require accelerated aging tests; Xenon arc lamp aging test chamberUsing the A xenon lamp capable of simulating the full spectrum of sunlight to reduce the destructive light world present in various environmentsLen to reproduce, can provide appropriate environmental simulation and accelerated aging tests for scientific research, industrial product development and quality control.

1. Technology parameters

Model: LQ-XD-150

Studio size: 500 × 400 × 400mm; 600 × 500 × 500mm (smaller or larger non-standard sizes can be customized by QINSUN).

Temperature range: RT+10℃~70℃; Humidity range: 65% R.H. ~ 98% R.H

Tablet temperature: 63~100℃ ±3℃

Humidity deviation: +2, -3% RH

Temperature uniformity: ±2.0℃ (no load) ; Temperature fluctuation: ±0.5°C (no load)

rainy season: 1~9999H59M, continuous rain adjustable; Rain cycle: 1~240min interval (off) Rainfall adjustable

spray cycle (spray time/non-spray time) 18 min/102 min or 12 min/48 min; Rainwater pressure: 0.12-0.15Mpa; Nozzle opening: Ф0.8 mm.

Xenon lamp power: buy by size and irradiance.

Wavelength: 290~800nm ​​​​​​Radiation Intensity: ≤550W/㎡; Photoperiod can be continuously adjusted, time: 1~999h, m,

Distance between sample holder and lamp: 300~375mm; water-cooled sample holder: 360° rotation, rotation rate 1r~5r/min; the size of the air-cooled sample rack is determined.

For more information about the quotation, parameters, schematics, pictures and information of Small Xenon Lamp Aging Test Chamber, please contact QINSUN-Seller Consultation, our company also has more xenon lamp series equipment with different specifications, such as test chamber, water-cooled xenon lamp aging test chamberr box, xenon lamp weather resistance test chamber, non-standard xenon lamp aging test chamber, standard xenon lamp aging test chamber and so on.

1. Xenon lamp tube: Imported from the United States, the Atlas brand is inexpensive, easy to install, easy to use, and the effect is obvious.

2. Control system: The company adopts PLC module control, with 5.7-inch color touch screen Korea Sanwon, fully automatic handwriting to direct Adjustment of light, temperature, LHumidity, rain cycle, intuitive The operation interface is convenient and easy to use, and the overall appearance is elegant.

3. Working principle: The main factors that cause industrial materials or products to age are sunlight and humid climate. The small xenon lamp aging test chamber can simulate the dangers caused by sunlight, rain and dew, use Use a xenon lamp to simulate the effect of sunlight, use condensed moisture to simulate dew, use spray to simulate rain, and the industrial material or product being tested is placed into a cycle program of alternating light and rain for testing , dew and moisture at a given TeTemperature set Months or years can be represented in days or weeks.

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