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النشرة الإخبارية Qingdao Heat and Cold Shock Test Chamber

QINSUN Cold and Heat Shock Test Chamber is a professional supply laboratory The degree to which an industrial material structure or composite material can withstand a continuous high temperature and extremely low temperature environment in an instant. It can detect the chemical changes or physical damage of product samples caused by thermal expansion and contraction in a short time.

Qingdao Thermal Shock Test ChamberThe parameters can be selected as follows:

Experimental box impact temperature: high temperature +60~150℃ (fixed)

Low temperature A: (-10~-40℃) B: ( -10~-55℃)D: (-10~-65℃) (You can choose between low and high temperature)

The temperature range of the high-temperature storage box can reach: +60 ~200℃.

Low temperature storage box low temperature range Up to: -10℃~-75℃

High and low temperature conversion time: ≤10 sec.

Gas start time: ≤3S

High and low temperature recovery time: 3~5min (under non-linear idle)

Cooling zone Cooling speed: ≥2℃/min (non-linear)

Preheat zone heating rate: ≥3℃/min (non-linear)

Control accuracy: temperature ±0.2℃(refers to the difference between controller setpoint and controller reading)

Temperature variation: ≤0.5℃ (The temperature variation is half of the difference between the measured high and low temperature at the center)

Temperature uniformity: ≤2.0℃ (Temperature uniformity is the arithmetic mean of the difference between the measured high and low temperature for each test)

The controller uses OYO9226S micro color computer liquid crystal display touch controller, 120 degrees , 3 each segment. Each command can be executed up to 999 times; the program segment time setting is 0~99Hour59Min.

Execution and Compliance

1, GB/T2423.1-1989 Low Temperature Test Method;

2, GB/T2423.2-1989 High Temperature Test Method;

3. GB/T2423.22-1989 Temperature Change Test;

4, GJB150.5-86 thermal shock test;

5, GJB360.7-87 thermal shock test;

6, GJB367.2- 87 405 Thermal shock test.

Notes: If none of the above parameters meet your own product testing conditions, you can call the seller or contact online customer service to place an order for non-standard customization , or door-to-door -Door customization, free Additional fees and charges.

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