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النشرة الإخبارية Shandong high and low temperature constant temperature test chamber

Shandong high and low temperature constant temperature test chamber< /strong>It is an indispensable test equipment in the fields of electrical appliances, automobiles, home appliances, coatings, chemicals, scientific research, etc. It is used to test and determine the high temperature, low temperature, humidity or constante temperature of electrical, electronic and other products and materials. The parameters and performance after the temperature environment of the test will be changed.

Box material:

1. Shape design: arc shape and surface spray treatment, appearance with high texture. The box case is processed by high-quality A3 steel plate CNC machine tool, which is beautiful and generous. The surface of the case is sprayed with plastic to make them cleaner and more beautiful.

2, box The internal tank is made of (SUS304) mirror stainless steel sheet.

3. A double-layer, high-temperature-resistant, high-swelling seal is used between the door and the closet rods to ensure the sealto ensure it of the test area.

4. The temperature circulation system adopts temperature-resistant and low-noise air conditioning motors and multi-blade centrifugal wind turbines.

5. The insulation material is high-density fiberglass cotton, and the thickness of the insulation cotton is 100mm/120mm.

6 1. On the left side of the case is a Φ25mm or Φ50mm test hole used for external Tepower lines or signals Lines (please explain if hole diameter or number of holes is increasing).

7. The observation window is made of multi-layer hollow tempered glass, with an illumination lamp inside, and the inner bonded foil-type conductive film is heated and thawed to clearly observe the test process.

8. The bottom of the machine features high-quality, fixed, moveable PU wheels for easy movement.

Shandong High and Low Temperature Constant Temperature Test ChamberTechnical Specifications:

1. Temperature rangeEnvironment: -40℃~150℃

2. Humidity range: 30-98% RH(at a temperature of 25℃–80℃)

3. Temperature uniformity: ≤2℃ (no load)

4. Humidity Uniformity: +2-3% RH

5. Temperature fluctuation: ±0.5℃ (no load)

6. Humidity fluctuation:±2 %

7, temperature deviation: ±2 ℃

8. Humidity deviation: ±2%

9, cooling rate: 0.7~ 1.0 ℃/min

10. Heating rate: 1.0~3.0℃/min

11. Time setting range: 1~9999H


air switch (to prevent overcurrent and short circuit);

Fan thermal protection (to protect the fan from overheating);

Compressor overpressure, overheat, overcurrent protection (to protect the compressor, prevent pressure, temperature, current too high);

★ Over-temperature protection (to prevent the test space from becoming too high and to protect the test object);

★ Part temperature protection of the climate room (prevent heating part The ambient temperature is too high, to protect the test chamber cover);

★ Temperature fuse dry fire protection (to prevent the boiler from running out of water) ;

Water level protection (to prevent water shortage in boilers and water supply tanks);

★ Fuses (to prevent short circuits in control and lighting circuits);

Box Pressure Protection (to prevent Box Pressure Excessive height causes damage to the lab body)

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