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UV aging chamber Shandong

Shandong UV aging box Using a special Atlas brand UV ultraviolet lamp USA to simulate the light wave irradiation of sunlight and the climate of dew and rain durch to simulate condensation and water spray and to reproduce different climates from households such as sunlight and downpours material aging or damage from comprehensive weather influences such as water and condensation of high humidity. Damage types include discoloration, discoloration, loss of gloss, cracking, blurring, chalking, cracking, embrittlement, blistering, loss of strength, and oxidation.

Uv Testing Machine, Uv Testing Machine, Uv Testing Machine are widely used in paints, coatings, outdoor color advertising, inks, dyes, textiles, automotive interior and exterior parts, plastic, printing and packaging industries. Standards Compliance: This testing machine is designed and manufactured in strict accordance with GB/T16422.3-1997 standard technical parameters, and also conforms to GB/T16585-1996, GB/T14522-2008, ASTM-D4329 D499 D4587 D5208, G154 G53, ISO 4892-3, ISO 11507, EN534, PREN1062-4, BS2782, JIS D0205, SAEJ2020 and ontheir current UV aging test standards.

Shandong UV aging boxBox structure

1.box Shell material : A3 steel plate sprayed with plastic;

2. Sluggishrmaterial: high quality SUS304 stainless steel sheet

3. Cover material: A3 steel plate sprayed with plastic;

4. A total of 8 American sub-UV series ultraviolet lamps are installed on both sides of the studio

5. The carton lid is a two-way clamshell type, easy to open and close

6. deThe sample holder consists of a pad and a tension spring, all made of aluminum alloy

7. The bottom of the test box adopts high quality PU fixed movable wheels;

8. The distance between the sample surface and the plane of the UV lamp is 50 mm wide and parallel

Box structure heating system:

1. U-shapedHigh speed titanium alloy heating tube

2.*Independent system, does not affect test and control lines

3. Temperature control output power is controlled by microelectronics brain calculation to achieve high-precision and high-efficiency power consumption

4. It has the anti-overheating function of the heating system

UV UV Technical parameters of the aging test box:

Inner box size: 1140×390×400mm

Box size: 1300×1480×550mm

Standard test piece size: 120 mm x 50 mm, 48 pieces, 75 mm x 280 mm, 24 pieces

center-to-center spacing of highlights: 70 mm spaces: normal; font-family: MicrosoftYahei !important;>wavelength range: UV-A wavelength range is 315~400nm

The distance between the test piece and the near-parallel surface of the lamp surface: ca. 50mm

Radiation intensity within 1W/m2/340nm

Temperature resolution: 0.01℃

condensing temperature range: 40℃~60℃/temperature tolerance is±3℃

Illumination temperature range: 50℃~70℃/temperature tolerance is ±3℃

Temperature control method: PID self-tuning temperature control method

Humidity range: Approx. 45%~70% RH

Sink requirements: the water depth is not greater than 50mm, and there is automatic water supply control

Recommended environment for instrument usage: 5 ~35℃, 40%~85%R•H, 300mm from the wall

Voltage: 220V±5%, single-phase, three-wire, 50Hz, 10A, requires 15A leakage switch

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