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النشرة الإخبارية Manufacturer of heat and cold shock test chambers

QINSUN technology is hot and cold impact test box manufacturer, has rich experience in environmental testing industry equipment, has advanced mechanical processing equipment, high-precision laser cutting machine, imported CNC bending machine and other advanced sheet metal processing and environmental equipment assembly production lines, fully meet customer's customized individual requirements.

Manufacturer of cold and heat shock test chambers The equipment parameters specified by the manufacturer can be selected as followsbecome:

Experimental chamber impact temperature: high temperature +60~150℃ (fixed). Low temperature A: (-10~-40℃) B: (-10~-55℃)D: (-10~-65℃) (one of the low temperature can be selected as high temperature)

The highest temperature storage box can reach: +60 ~200 ℃.

The lowest range of low-temperature storage box can be reached: -10℃~-75℃

Conversion time at high and low temperatures: ≤10S

Damper actuation time: ≤3S

High and low temperature recovery time: 3~5min (non-linear idle below)

Cooling rate in the pre-cooling zone: ≥2℃/min (non-linear)< /p>

Heating rate in the pre-heating zone: ≥3℃/ min (non-linear)

Control accuracy: temperature ±0.2℃ (refers to the difference between the controller setpoint and the controller measured value)

Temperature variation: ≤0.5°C (temperature variation is half the difference between the measured maximum temperature and minimum temperature at the central point)

Temperature Uniformity: ≤2.0°C (Temperature Uniformity is the arithmetic mean of the difference between the measured high and low temperatures in each test)

The controller uses OYO9226S micro color computer liquid crystal display touch controller with max120 degrees and 3 segments. Each command can reach 999 times; the program segment time is set from 0 to 99Hour59Min.

Inner box material: high quality SUS304 stainless steel with good corrosion resistance, heat resistance, low temperature strength and mechanical properties; Stamping, bending and other hot workability, no heat treatment, hardening phenomenon (non-magnetic, operating temperature -196℃~800℃)

Outer packaging material : Steel sheet with special anti-rust treatment Stainless steel with plastic injection or SUS 304# grain treatment.

Insulation layer: polyurethane foam (insulation material), (its advantages are : 1. High efficiency and energy saving, no gaps after filling, strong bond after curing 2. Impact and pressure resistance, no cracking, no corro after curingsion, no falling off 3. Has ultra-low temperature thermal conductivity, weather resistance and heat resistance 4. High-efficiency insulation, sound insulation, waterproof and moisture-proof after curing 5. Good waterproof performance , because the foam pores are closed, the sealing rate reaches 95%, rainwater does not seep through the holes.)

Base: National standard angle iron + National standard channel steel.

Standard configuration: inspection hole (¢50x1), sample rack (2 sets) .

Standard volume size selectable: volume 50 liters: width 35x height 35x depth 40cm; volume 80 liters: width 50x height 40x depth 40cm; volume 100 liters: width 60x height 40x depth 40cm; volume 150 liters: width 60x height 50x depth 50cm; Volume 250 liters: width 70x height 60x depth 60cm;Power supply: AC3¢5W380V50HZ.

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