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Nonlinear Rapid Temperature Cycle Test Chamber

The high and low temperature rapid temperature change test chamber is also called high and low temperature quick-change testing machine, which increases the speed during the heating and cooling time of ordinary high and low temperature test chambers. It is specially designed to meet the rapid thermal cycle test required by customers. Reasonable structural design, optimized freezing design and perfect internal control core can meet the needs of linear or non-linear heating and cooling at 5 degrees/minute, 10 degrees/minute and 15 degrees/minute. Of course, QINSUN Technology also accepts other customization for fast heating and cooling in different degrees.

Fast Temperature Nonlinear Cycle Test Chamber|High and low temperature design and material configurationratur Rapid Temperature Change Testing Machine:

1. The curved shape and surface spray treatment, the high-quality appearance makes customers feel clean and beautiful, and it uses the flat handle without backhand function, which is easy to use, safe and reliable .

2 .Hermetic European and American compressors, imported green refrigerants, brand refrigeration equipment, LCD touch screen controller, user-friendly interface, easy to learn.

3. Using three-layer vacuum coating windows and brand energy-saving lamps, no need to demist the wipers, maintaining a clear observation effect, you can observe the condition of the test objects at any time.

Non-linear rapid temperature change test chamber|High and low temperature rapid temperature Explanation of the optional temperature range of the variable test machinehine:

Temperature range: (0°C, -20°C, -40°C, -60°C, -70°C~+150°C)

Temperature fluctuation: (±0.5°C)

Temperature Uniformity: (± 2°C)

Heating Time: Average 5 degrees, 10 degrees, 15 degrees per minute (linear or non-linearity selectable)< /p>

Cooling time: average per minute 5 degrees, 10 degrees, 15 degrees (linear or non-linear selectable)

The structure and components of the box: The inner box is made of high-quality SUS#304 stainless steel sheet

Insulation material: rigid polyurethane foam + glass wool

Refrigeration system: French Taikang compressor/environmental protection refrigerant

Protection device: over-temperature protection compressor overheating, overheating - electricity, overpressure, combustion of Heating and humidifying air, temperature rise in the box, water shortage alarm system

Power supply: AC3ф5W380V


High and low temperature Rapid temperature change test chamber How to set up a rapid temperature change test machine temperature changesat high and low temperature

1. Ordinary rapid temperature change at high and low temperatureThe test chamber (high and low temperature test chamber) has no index of cooling rate, and the time to cool from ambient temperature to the minimum nominal temperature is generally 30 to 100 minutes. Conventional foldable high and low temperature alternating test chambers and high and low temperature wet heat alternating test chambers have temperature change rate requirements, which are restricted by national standards. The temperature change rates generally require 1°C/min, and the rate can be adjusted within these values speed range. The high and low temperature rapid temperature change test chamber | High and low temperature rapid temperature change testing machine has a faster temperature change rate, and the heating and cooling rate can be up to 3 °C / minReach 15°C/min, and the heating and cooling rate can even reach over 20°C/min.

2. High and low temperature quick change test chambers with different specifications and speeds The temperature range of high and low temperature quick change test machines is generally the same, that is -60 to +130 °C, but the temperature is lowered for the evaluation The temperature range of speed is not the same. According to the different test requirements of the test, the temperature range of the high and low temperature rapid temperature change test box is high and low temperature rapid temperature change test machine is -55 ~ + 80 ℃, and some are -40 ~ + 80 ℃.

3. There are two formulations for the temperature change rate of high and low temperature rapid temperature change test chamber | The average heating and cooling rate, one is the linear heating and cooling rateit (actually the average speed). per 5 minutes). The average speed of the whole process refers to the ratio of the difference between the highest temperature and the lowest temperature at the time within the variable temperature range of the test chamber.

4. The price will be different for different heating and cooling speeds and linear or whole-process averaging methods. Whichever method is chosen, QINSUN Technology evaluates the price based on reasonable costs and profits. Welcome to come Advice, quality, service, price guarantee is reasonable.

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