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النشرة الإخبارية Temperature and humidity detection box

The temperature and humidity detection panel can accurately simulate high temperature and humidity , low temperature and low humidity, low temperature constant temperature, high temperature constant temperature, high and low temperature alternating cycles and other complex natural environmental climates, widely used in industries such as colleges and universities, electronics, electrical appliances, LED, photoelectric military , plastics, hardware, chemical industry, etc., such as Such as: electronic parts, auto parts, notebooks and other products, or semi-finished virtual climate temperature and humidity environment tests.

Temperature and humiditydetection fieldStructure and material:

1. Inner box material: mirror stainless steel plate (SUS 304 thickness 1.0mm) ;

2. Outer package material: yarn coated stainless steel plate (thickness 1.0mm) or color optional;

3. Insulation layer: insulation layer (polyurethane rigid foam, 100 mm thick);

4. Insulation layer design: effectively avoid condensation on the top of the box;

5. Box Door: Standard one-piece door, single window, left opening. Non-standard large sizes can be customized as a flat handle recess for double doors, rear knob: SUS #304. The double-channel thermal insulation is airtight and tight, effectively insulating the heat exchange inside and outside the box;

6. Anti-sweat windows: electrices heater to prevent water gas condensation;

7. Observation window: three-layer vacuum glass, easy to observe the sample, size: 320X250X40mm;

8. Lighting design: high-brightness window lighting, energy-saving lamps, easy to observe the sample;

9. Test hole: the diameter on the left side of the body is 50mm, with a stainless steel hole cover and a silicone plug (multiple or 100mm optional);

10 machine reels: easy to move (adjust placement position) and use together with strong bolts (fixed position);

11. Box built-in shelf: 2 pieces SUS #304 stainless steel square stamped steel shelf and 2 sets of rails (adjust spacing);

12. Machine weight: approx. 200 kg

13. Communication interface: a RS-232C terminal. It can be connected to a computer and print curves, etc. (computer and printer are self-supplied).

The temperature range can be selected : 0℃~150℃; -20 ℃~150℃; -40℃~150℃; -60℃~150℃; -70℃~150℃

Indispensable protective devices for the experiment kit: overtemperature protection, fuse, circuit breaker, dehydration protection, level protection, compressor overpressure, protection devices such as overheating and overcurrent protection.

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